Man, I Sure Do Love the Internet

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
November 13, 2019

Distinguished colored gentleman Jesse Lee Peterson was on Infowars on Tuesday, and I heard he was talking about Nick Fuentes and the Groyper/Gropper alliance.

I searched the internet, and couldn’t find it. Because Alex Jones is banned from everything, you just literally can’t find his stuff. On the internet, you can’t find his stuff.

I did find this video:

This is a 1 minute and 1 second clip that shows Jesse Lee Peterson talking about how how we’re all doomed if feminism takes over:

If the future is female, we can all hang our hats and go home, because it’s over for the world, it’s over for society, it’s over for human beings. Because of the order of God and Christ over man, man over woman, woman over children, and love come from about, down through God, through Christ, through man and through the woman, to the children.

Then it switches to Owen Shroyer selling chill pills that are called “Chill Force.”

And he has a beard in the clip too, which he apparently grew with Alex Jones. He copies all of Alex’s speaking patterns. He’s apparently like a father to him, which is fantastic.

And I was just thinking: I love this clip so, so much.

It really is the microcosm of everything I love about the internet.

The internet is the best thing ever.

And I am so thankful I was able to live through the glory days of the internet, but the fact that they are trying to end these glory days – it is hard for me to deal with, on a personal as well as a professional level.

It truly feels like a rape.

Why should I not be able to see Alex Jones and his clips when I want to see them? I pay my internet bill. They have no right to take away my Alex Jones clips. The basic concept of freedom of association is being violated by these people. I want to include Alex Jones as a part of my online internet experience, and they are telling me “no, goyim, you can’t do that – because we said no, goyim!”

This is literally like if I was trying to go over to Alex Jones’ house to hang out with him and some Jew stopped me on the road and was like “sorry, goy, you’re going to have to turn back around and go home and sit in your house alone, because you’re not allowed to go to Alex Jones’ house. Why? Because we said so, goy. Now shut up and go home.”

This is also literally like when I played the game “The Outer Worlds,” and every character was a lesbian.

What gives these kikes the right?

I’m angry and I’m not going to take it anymore.