Man Gives Blonde Daughter’s Nigger Boyfriend a Free Car Because He’s Grateful

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
December 12, 2017

White people don’t dislike niggers because they are stupid, evil, violent, greasy monkeys who destroy every element of civilization that you give them access to.


White people dislike niggers because they are ungrateful.

If niggers are grateful, we will give them our daughters.

And a free car as a bonus.

Here’s the video of the father giving this grateful chap a free car.

“Not just my daughter, nigger. A car. All we ever wanted was gratefulness.”

Let this be a lesson, niggers. Just remember: BE GRATEFUL.

You can visit these two and tell them how happy you are that a nigger is finally, finally – after all of these centuries – grateful for something.

You can comment on the YouTube video above, or visit them on Twitter.

The extremely grateful nigger:


The thing he is grateful for:


You might want to take screenshots of any interactions you have with them, as they are liable to close their accounts because of ignorant people who don’t understand that the only problem anyone ever had with niggers was ungratefulness.

And so they’re both about to get liferuined.

Well, actually, the nigger can just go sell crack after this.

But the girl… it’s gonna be rough when she finds out what happens in 2017 when you fuck a nigger and then brag about it on the internet.