Man, Don’t Shoot Up Walmart. That Ain’t Cool.

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
November 2, 2017

Not even Walmart is safe now.

Our whole society is collapsing and Jews are telling us that chicks with dicks and Islam will fix everything.

ABC News:

The man wanted for a deadly shooting at a Walmart in Colorado on Wednesday night has been arrested after an hours-long manhunt, police said.

The suspect, identified as 47-year-old Scott Ostrem, was taken into custody this morning, according to the Thornton Police Department. He was considered “armed and dangerous” while on the run, police said.

Two men and one woman were killed in what police described as a “random” shooting.

The suspect was wearing a black jacket, maroon shirt and jeans when he nonchalantly walked in the front door of the Walmart in the Denver suburb of Thornton and opened fire with a handgun, randomly targeting people in the front of the store near the registers. Ostrem then exited the store, got into a red Mitsubishi Mirage and fled the scene, police said after reviewing security footage from the store.

Police released a surveillance photo of the suspect and his car late Wednesday.

Officials said they can’t rule out terrorism, but that there are no indications it is terror-related. Police said they have no motive in the shooting.

The guy looks white in the picture.

And it does seem random. They probably would have said by now if he worked there before and was doing this as revenge.

It’s drugs or mental illness. Or whatever.

We have a sick society.

It is spiraling out of control.

Walmart itself is a sign of that sickness. So is Walmart getting shot up randomly.