Man Charged with Hate Crime for Hitler-Saluting a Coalburner in a Parking Lot and Saying “White Power”


So yeah, I guess you can get charged with hate crimes for speech now.

The metric for knowing if the speech is a crime is the emotions that colored people – or shall I say, people of color – feel when you engage in the speech.

New York Post:

An Illinois man is facing a hate crime charge for giving a Nazi salute and saying “white power” to a mixed-race family outside a pharmacy, police said.

Justyn Giarraputo, 37, was arrested by cops in New Lenox Friday, one day after a woman told investigators he made the offensive gesture and yelled the racist slogan several times toward her and her three children outside a Walgreens, police said.

The woman’s three children, two of whom are black, had stayed in her car as she went into the pharmacy, she told cops.

The man later identified as Giarraputo was sitting in a vehicle parked next to hers when he struck his chest and made the hateful comment and gesture as she was leaving, police said.

“The victim was afraid for her safety and that of her children,” police said in a statement.

The quick-thinking mom took a photo of Giarraputo’s license plate and called cops, setting off an investigation into the incident.

Giarraputo was then arrested at his home and investigators presented the case to the Will County State’s Attorney office, police said.

Prosecutors later charged Giarraputo with one felony count of a hate crime and misdemeanor disorderly conduct.

I don’t understand what this means, actually.

I think it means that they are just going to start charging people with speech crimes.

Legally, there is not really any difference if you say this in a parking lot and some black person (or some dirty white bitch with black kids) says they feel scared, or if you say it on the internet and they feel scared.

We are now in total lawlessness territory.

I told you: the mouth of hell has opened, the breath of hell is foul, and the tongue of hell is licking your throat. There is a growling coming out of the throat of hell.

Stay strong and trust Christ, brothers.

This ride is just getting started.

For the record: I don’t support yelling at black people or coalburners in public. It doesn’t serve any purpose, other than it’s probably funny.

But whatever the case – it’s freedom of speech. This report doesn’t say he got in anyone’s face or physically threatened them in any way.

This is frightening on the level of the Ricky Vaughn case.

By the way – remember to support Ricky Vaugh. His website is down, but we have all the information on donating in our article.

Support this wacky wop as well, if you can.

He should get a crypto address up – I’ll shill it.

I will shill any speech criminal’s donations. I will shill Ricky’s the most, because Ricky is a pure gentleman. But I will shill some wacky wop as much as I can – even if he screwed the optics.

This is insane.