Man Calls Police When McDonald’s Give Him Six Hamburgers Instead of Seven – and Gets Arrested

Ashley Collman
Daily Mail
August 5, 2013

  • Lornezo Riggins said employees at a McDonald’s got his order wrong by one burger
  • When he asked for a replacement, the person working behind the counter gave him ‘attitude’
  • He called the police on the employee, but ended up getting arrested himself for misusing the 911 line
  • Riggins spent a night in prison and the charges were dropped the next day

Lorenzo Riggins proved that the customer is not always correct when he called police because his McDonald’s order was shorted by one burger.

Riggins said he was hungry Tuesday night when he entered a McDonald’s in East Albany, Georgia.

He ordered seven McDoubles, one McChicken and a fries.


But when he got out to his car he realized that they got his order wrong: there were only six McDoubles in the bag.



So he went back in and asked for his order to be corrected, but the person behind the counter wasn’t giving out service with a smile.

‘She was trying to get an attitude with me and I said I’m going to call the police,’ Riggins told WALB.

Riggins carried out that threat relaying his story to 911 operators.

They heard out his story, asked him where he was and asked him to wait at the McDonald’s.


When officers showed up, instead of confronting the McDonald’s employees they arrested Riggins for misusing 911.

‘I called the police and thinking that everything all cool by calling the police, I didn’t know I was misusing 911,’ he said.

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