Man Calls Out Marco Rubio for Shilling for Jews and is Quickly Attacked

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
January 7, 2016

A man stood up at a recent Mario Rubio “rally” in Texas and called him out as a shill for the Jews, shouting “Marco Rubio is owned by Jews! Jews! And Free Masons!”

Quickly, he was attacked by the man standing behind him, who grabbed him by his shoulders and slammed him. This was obviously an assault, and presumably (hopefully) the man will be pressing charges.

The man was then escorted out by police, which is normal and legal.

Cops are allowed to touch you. It's reasonable.
Cops are allowed to touch you if you disrupt a private event. It’s reasonable.

Apparently, the man who attacked the “heckler” was not arrested. He is not even named in the news reports on the event. He is, however, on video physically assaulting the man.

And he looks more than a bit Jewy himself.

Rubio attacker

Please help identify this man. Spread the image on social media, and ask why it is he is not having charges pressed against him for this blatant physical assault on a peaceful protester.

Imagine if one of those “Code Pink” women had been attacked like this for protesting. Actually, I don’t know if “Code Pink” still exists, so imagine it is some other feminist heckler group.

Later during the rally, Rubio signaled that he wants to abolish free speech by acting as though it was outrageous for this man to be allowed to voice his opinion in public. He said: “This is the greatest country in the history of the world. People can say outrageous things and not go to jail because we are a free people.”

Is it outrageous, Marco, you wetback?

Did the Jewish billionaire Paul Singer not throw his Jewish money behind you?


Because I thought he did?

What about Jewish billionaire Norman Braman, did he fund you?


I thought he did also.

I guess we would have to discuss the meaning of the word “owned”? Whatever the case, I don’t think these billionaire Jews backing your campaign are doing it for charity purposes, are they?

It seems to me they are probably giving you these shekels because they want something from you.

So “outrageous” seems like the wrong word – and your suggestion that there would be some possibility of someone going to prison for stating this apparent fact is completely insane.

Stormers: Do This

The election season presents a brilliant opportunity for activism. These events are very easy to get into, and no matter what, the statements you shout are going to get reported by the national media.

So go do it. It isn’t illegal. All they will do is escort you out of the building.

Please though: don’t talk about “Freemasons.” Keep on the Jew issue.

Freemasons are much less of a problem now than they were historically, and mentioning them just complicates things.

Keep on the Jews.