Man Behind Weird Children YouTube Channels Arrested for Child Molestation

Adrian Sol
Daily Stormer
September 25, 2018

You’re telling me the man behind this is some kind of pedo? Imagine my shock.

YouTube is full of disturbing crap that I can’t help but feel is produced by MKUltra-type operations combining mind control with child abuse and pedophilia.

And these videos are getting billions of views, generating millions of dollars – for both the creators and YouTube itself. As such, it’s no wonder that YouTube doesn’t appear to be making any sort of effort to crack down on this crap – unlike with politically incorrect materials, which they aggressively clamp down on.

Whatever the case, now we have a glimpse into the dark world which lies behind this sort of material, as one of these “creators” was recently arrested.

The Verge:

Ian Rylett, the 55-year-old British co-founder of the mega-popular YouTube empire SevenAwesomeKids, was arrested in Florida in August, BuzzFeed News reported today. All of the company’s channels, however, are still up: SevenAwesomeKids, SevenSuperGirls, SevenPerfectAngels, SevenFabulousTeens, SevenCoolTweens, SevenFuntasticGirls, and SevenTwinklingTweens. It appears that none of the channels have posted a new video in the month since Rylett’s arrest. Together, the channels have more than 17 million subscribers and have amassed billions of views; each features a rotating cast of more than 20 girls, all between eight and 18 years old.

These videos are weird as all hell.

Definitely the work of a disturbed mind. And this has 52 million views.

Details of the charges, per BuzzFeed:

According to an arrest warrant obtained by BuzzFeed News, detectives were called to Rylett’s Orange County hotel room on the morning of Aug. 16, after Rylett allegedly verbally abused the girl, demanding she undress in front of him against her will and “practice wrapping her breasts down, to make them appear smaller for the video shoot.” According to the report, the girl, who is under 16, claims Rylett touched her breasts and fondled her while repeatedly making her undress, eventually attempting to forcefully remove her underwear. The arrest report also alleges that Rylett “threatened to use the contract to fine her if she did not comply with his demand.” Rylett pleaded not guilty to the charges at an arraignment last month. He has surrendered his passport and will stand trial later this year. Rylett’s lawyer did not respond to requests for comment.

“We take safety on YouTube very seriously,” reads a statement from YouTube in the BuzzFeed report that was reiterated to The Verge via a spokesperson. “We work closely with leading child safety organizations and others in our industry to protect young people. When we’re made aware of serious allegations of this nature we take action, which may include suspending monetization, or, upon conclusion of an investigation, terminating channels.”

This is obviously bullshit. YouTube is chock full of videos that are obviously targeted at children and filled with disturbing imagery.

Moreover, Google being a Jewish company staffed mostly by disgusting perverts, it’s simply not credible that they would care about “protecting” goyim children. It’s far more likely that they relish in the knowledge that an entire generation of kids is getting brainwashed by materials produced by pedophiles and other degenerates for nefarious reasons.

This is not normal.

YouTube also confirms to The Verge that the SevenAwesomeKids channels were demonetized shortly after Rylett’s arrest, though it has reportedly not contacted any of the performers following the incident.

What “demonetization” means in this context is tricky: When a channel is demonetized, its ads, which are typically paid for upfront by advertisers, are shuffled away from the flagged channel to another one with similar numbers of subscribers. In other words, the channel owner might not be getting paid, but YouTube, inevitably, is.

Rylett’s “creepy” behavior — which involved asking his performers to take swimsuit photos, making jokes about “wardrobe malfunctions,” and manipulating their incomes — made the young women and girls working for him feel uncomfortable. “Then some of us started to get the feeling we were being groomed for some darker audience,” one former performer told BuzzFeed.

Yeah, that’s the feeling I get just watching these videos. I’m reminded of all the crazy conspiracy stuff I was reading decades ago, about trauma-based programming on kids.

Basically, kids get familiarized with these children’s characters in a more or less innocuous context. But seeing all this horrible stuff happen to them, at such a young age, has the potential to cause dissociative states of mind, priming them for psychological influence.

It’s not impossible that pedophile rings are creating this content to implant kids with “triggers” that they can later use to manipulate and exploit them.

So the news that one of these channels was created and managed by exactly that kind of guy comes as no surprise.

However, I’m still freaked the fuck out by all this. And I hold the YouTube kikes fully accountable for letting all this go on unimpeded.