Man Beats Mob of Anti-Weather Activists to Get Inside McDonald’s for Delicious Food of Gods

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
October 7, 2019

Who knew that Danish was so similar to English?


An angry man has been filmed pushing his way through Extinction Rebellion protesters so he can get himself a burger.

In a video shared on social media, the man can be seen shouting at activists in Danish outside a burger chain in Denmark.

He tells the group, who appear to be holding Extinction Rebellion flags, that he will ‘run through’ unless they ‘f**king move’.

The man then tries to aggressively push himself into the crowd, with one protester struggling to grab his arm.

He then turns back and furiously threatens to hit the campaigner, before asking the crowd: ‘Do you have a f**king problem?’.

He tells the protesters to ‘behave themselves’ before squaring up to a long-haired activist and shouting: ‘You f**king hippies!’

The short clip was uploaded to VidMax and has since gone viral in Twitter.

These AWFLs and their beta bitch boys doing the weather police bit are going to start having some major problems if they start deciding to tell fat guys they can’t get inside McDonald’s.

If their issue is something related to corporations and governments and billionaires and blah blah blah whatever, it seems like their energies would be better spent doing anything other than antagonizing the working class by preventing them access to food, no?

In fact, no matter what your political agenda might be, it really, really seems to me that “hey, I have an idea – let’s prevent poor people from being able to eat lunch!” is not something that is going to come up at any of your strategic brainstorming meetings unless you’ve got some rather serious human resource problems.

Are these weather police all literally retarded like their repulsive child leader?

Is that what this is?

A retard uprising?