Man Attempting to Solicit Prostitution is Robbed at Gunpoint for $180 by Fat White Woman and Cuck BF

Prostitution being illegal in a feminist society is insane. If it is impossible for men to marry women, due to family courts and no-fault divorce laws, the very least that should be allowed is for men to solicit prostitutes.

But that is not allowed. Prostitution is illegal. People who attempt to get around these laws are subject to abuse by the state and by women.

Fox News:

A Georgia couple is in hot water after police say they robbed an unsuspecting victim who was looking for sex.

The Atlanta Journal-Constitution reported that police accused Lauryn Mychelle Fields, 19, of scheduling sex-for-money with a man she met on Snapchat. The two reportedly got together on May 4.

Once they got into his car, police say Christopher Allen Morris, also 19, approached the car with another man and robbed the victim at gunpoint.

The paper, citing the  Cobb County arrest warrant, reported that Morris allegedly pointed a pistol at the person’s chest and at some point began hitting the victim with the gun.  He allegedly took $180.

No doubt the cuckold pudgy BF thought he was engaging in some form of vigilante justice, given that he was robbing a man who committed the ultimate sin against feminism by trying to bypass the feminist monopoly on sex.

It is so sad that men have bought into this and are happy to side with their oppressors like this.

Imagine that this man was willing to pay some amount of money up to $180 (probably $100) to have sex with that fat woman pictured above, and for that he got a feminist gun to his head and is probably going to have charges pressed against him by the feminist state as well.

I am almost happy in a way to know that this new form of tyranny we are entering into now is going to be based less on feminism, and more just on being a complete slave to Jews.