Man Arguing with Girlfriend Throws White Knight Interloper Off a Bridge

Eric Striker
Daily Stormer
December 13, 2017

Men in Western countries are taught that women are morally impeccable and above scrutiny. So many dummies gallop to the aid of a fair maiden just because the man they’re with raises their voice at them.

How many times has a girlfriend passive-aggressively chided you because she’s on her period or some other stupid reason, only for your saintly patience to give in and finally blow up in a public place?

My response traditionally is to tell her “let’s deal with it when we get home,” but there are some women who keep pushing it because they are attention whores and want to make a public spectacle.

When that happens, you can usually rely on some cuck swooping in like he’s the guardian of Gotham City. They will tell your girl (usually the aggressor) “Are you okay? Do you need the police?”

Some more brazen types will actually get in your face about it. When that happens, you better get ready to spend the night in jail because punching the busy-body is the only solution.

This guy went one step further and threw the interloper off a bridge. Good riddance!

Huffington Post:

A Connecticut man is facing an attempted murder charge after he allegedly threw another man off a bridge during an argument with his girlfriend.

Police arrested 25-year-old Gregory Rottjer on Tuesday in connection with the incident that occurred around 1 a.m. Thanksgiving Day on the bridge connecting the small Connecticut cities of Shelton and Derby.

Rottjer and his girlfriend, 22-year-old Jennifer Hannum, were arguing while walking over the bridge when the victim and his brother asked Hannum if she was OK, according to WFSB-TV.

Police said the two good Samaritans attempted to walk away, but Rottjer and a friend who was at the scene, 27-year-old Matthew Dorso, allegedly started a fight with them.

During the skirmish, Rottjer allegedly threw the 30-year-old victim off the bridge and into the icy Housatonic River, a drop of 45 feet, according to The Hartford Courant.

A rescue crew was called and the victim was saved from drowning by a police officer who jumped into the river and pulled him to shore.

Rottjer, Dorso and Hannum fled the scene, police said.

The victim is still recovering from his injuries, according to NBC Connecticut.

If you see a woman getting violently heckled by a stranger, then sure, intervene.

But if it’s a man she knows, there’s two things going on: she is having a personal dispute with her significant other and its not your business, or if you see actual acts of abuse, she likes it.

Women in America get the first and last say on who they get romantically involved with. If a guy is pulling a woman around by her arm and talking to her in an aggressive manner, she is either misbehaving or gets off to it.

So if you see some virtue-signaling faggot get in between you and your woman, demonstrate why you take her to bed and he doesn’t.

And if the feminist conditioning inside of you demands you do something about a girl crying as some dude yells at her, you will be risking violence or prison just for her to go home with him anyway.