Mama Mia: Italy’s Death Toll Surpasses China’s

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
March 20, 2020

I guess this will be shocking to someone. It will not be shocking to me.

The Guardian:

Italy’s death toll from the coronavirus has overtaken China’s as authorities in Rome announced 427 new fatalities in the past 24 hours, taking the country’s total to 3,405 – more than the 3,245 recorded in China, where the outbreak began late last year.

As European governments struggle to contain the rapidly spreading epidemic and China, for the first time, reported no new cases, the Civil Protection Agency said on Thursday that the total number of infections in Italy rose to 41,035 from 35,713 – a near 15% increase.

Mandatory mass lockdowns are set to be extended in both Italy and France, while Germany warned that it, too, would be forced to confine citizens in their homes if they continued to flout social distancing advice crucial to curbing the outbreak.

The European commission announced plans to stockpile €50m (£46m) of ventilators, masks and protective clothing to help EU states facing shortages of vital medical equipment.

The Italian prime minister, Giuseppe Conte, said regulations introduced earlier this month closing all non-essential shops and allowing people to go out only for justified work or medical reasons “will have to be extended” beyond 3 April.

Conte added that “if the prohibitions are not respected, we will have to act again”. Ministers earlier said the rules might be tightened to include a complete ban on all outdoor activities after 47,000 people across the country were fined in one week for going out “without good reason”.

Italy has reported soaring rates of cases and deaths, including a record daily high of 475 on Wednesday. An army spokesman confirmed on Thursday that soldiers had removed bodies from the northern town of Bergamo, where funeral services are overwhelmed.

In France, which on Monday closed all shops except food stores and pharmacies and ordered people not go out unless to buy provisions, travel to work if it cannot be done from home, visit the doctor or take brief exercise, the interior minister, Christophe Castaner, described those breaking the rules as “imbeciles”.

This was bound to happen, because healthcare is much better in China than it is in Europe.

For some reason (probably because they eat bats), white people think that China is a third world country.

In actual reality, it is much more advanced than any white country in terms of almost everything.

White people are pouring their energy into flooding their own country with poor brown people and into all of these bizarre programs for homosexuals and women, while China is working on technological advancement.

This decision to not go full-nigger, full-tranny and full-slut, let alone full-Israeli democracy war in the Middle East, is going to put China in a much better position to handle coming troubles. The West will be running around putting out fires started by brown people, homosexuals and women while the Asians are building a technological society capable of dealing responsibly with things like an infectious virus.

It’s sad.

But I suppose we can feel some comfort knowing that even after the white race immolates itself in a fire of kikery, the beauty of alabaster skin will continue onward.

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