Mama Merkel Joins in Anti-Chinese Pile-On Because the World Truly Needed This Wisdom

Didn’t this woman resign like two years ago because people got mad she ruined the country by flooding it with immigrants?


The European Union must speak with one voice to China if it wants to achieve ambitious deals that secure the bloc’s interests, German Chancellor Angela Merkel said on Friday, voicing concerns over a new Chinese security law in Hong Kong.

“In order to have successful relations with China and to represent our European interests effectively, Europe must speak decisively with one voice,” Merkel told Bundesrat upper house. “Only together the 27 EU member countries have enough weight to achieve ambitious deals with China.”

She added: “Based on an open dialogue we also speak about the rule of law and human rights as well as the future of Hong Kong where we are concerned that the important principle of one country, two systems is being eroded.”

These people with their gibberish force me to sound like a Chinese shill all the time, but seriously: what was China supposed to do? Notice they will never say “well, what China could have done…”

America was coordinating strategic riots for the purpose of keeping the city shut down indefinitely. The Antifa demands were nonsensical. Initially, they were about the protests themselves. They said they wanted the government to apologize for not letting them riot, and they were going to riot until such an apology was issued.

China preserved the rule of law by passing a law to allow them to break up the protests. Saying they violated the rule of law is wrong.

Furthermore, classifying rioting, throwing bricks, lighting malls on fire and burning people alive as “human rights” is just tasteless.

But you know what? I’m sick of talking about it. I don’t care about the freedom of the Chinese people. I’m also exhausted by this thing where everyone pretends to not be aware of what the National Endowment for Democracy’s purpose is, pretending that the rioters weren’t meeting at the US embassy and flying to Washington to plan strategy.

We know what’s going on and leaders know that we know what’s going on, but they also know that we will never be able to convince the masses of people of anything because we don’t control the media.