Mama June Proves There’s No Excuse for Being a Fatty

Daily Stormer
March 12, 2017

‘It’s really cool that I get to do what I love and be lazy at the same time!’

How many times have you heard a feminist try to justify being the size of a whale?

Fat is not beautiful.

We live in a world that now enables people to be lazy and ultimately encourages it.

Nobody is held to a standard anymore because it’s offensive to expect a human being to put some commitment and hard work into anything they do, even if it involves not only their personal appearance but also health.

We are expected to lie to fat people and tell them they’re beautiful, allowing them to continue on a path of diabetes and an early death just so that their precious feelings are not hurt.

Her ancestors are crying right now

According to feminists, the issue isn’t that they’re lazy and have no respect for themselves, the issue is that you’re a bigot for not wanting to look at their never ending supply of body fat.

They want us all to believe that being fat or obese is one hundred percent okay and healthy.

For some reason, being too lazy to go to the gym is being celebrated these days.

But whatever, they can come up with whatever reasoning they want for why they are a size XXXXL (like muh genetics) because Mama June has just gone and proved yet again that there’s literally no excuse for being obese and revolting.

Remember beauty pageant victim Honey Boo Boo?

This is her mother, Mama June:

She was as repulsive and ugly as they come.

But she doesn’t look like that anymore…


Mama June’s weight loss photos are finally showing the reality star’s shocking weight loss, with the television mom dropping close to 300 pounds and now sporting a drastically different figure.

The star of Here Comes Honey Boo Boo has been known mostly for her larger-than-life personality and her large frame, but she decided to drop the weight and share her weight loss journey with millions of viewers.

A new WEtv series, Mama June: From Not to Hot, is showing that weight loss, but so far, they have been stingy with pictures of Mama June’s weight loss.

That has changed now, with Friday’s episode showing off the biggest change yet in Mama June’s figure.

On the previous two episodes of the seven-episode mini-series, viewers saw that Mama June decided to lose weight after her ex-husband got engaged again.

She then went under the knife for weight-loss surgery and started a rigorous diet and weight-loss regimen.

‘Weight-loss regime?! But big is beautiful!’

So surprisingly, despite what feminists and heffas like Tess Holliday say – Mama June was clearly not happy looking like she was about to die from a heart attack.

This is Mama June now:


Massive difference.

I seriously never thought I’d see her look like a decent member of society, but she’s done it and she’s still continuing with her weight loss regime.

Hopefully soon fat feminists will stop lying to themselves and be honest that they’re miserable as hell so that they can work towards recovery.

You’re mentally challenged if you believe she is genuinely happy in that body and doesn’t cry herself to sleep at night

I want nothing more than a traditional and clean looking society where women care about their appearance.

And fatties don’t cut it.