Malmö: Vibrant Attacked 92-Year-Old Woman Until Her Face was Unrecognizable

Charles Martel
Daily Stormer
January 19, 2020

The streets of Malmö often look like something out of Apocalypse Now.

All things considered, 92-year-olds with dementia probably shouldn’t be living there.

Samnytt (Translation):

Just before New Year, a 92-year-old woman was brutally beaten and robbed in her own home. She had hemorrhage in the brain, fractures of the face and neck. “Her life is practically over. She dares not move back to her home and clings to me in despair every time I have to go,” the son writes.

It was on December 28 the assault happened in Limhamn, Malmö. It rang on the door and the 92-year-old woman, who is demented and walks with a walker, opened the door stood several robbers on the other side. One of the robbers had come in through the gate after saying he would visit his grandmother.

She was then severely beaten. Her son found out the whole day after, when he was visiting Stockholm. The mother had managed to alert 112 herself, after which she was severely taken to hospital.

She was so disfigured, she was black-purple all over her face and down to her neck. She was numb with pain relief and anxiety relief, so I didn’t really get in touch with her. I’ve been put down, I’ve been sad. It’s sad to see his mother like that, Chris told TV4.

He describes the first time he sees his mother in the hospital, that her face was blue-purple and “swollen and unrecognizable”.