Malign Hobbit Greta Thunberg Gives $100,000 to Refugee Kids, Urges People to Believe in Science

CNN brought Greta Thunberg in as part of their expert panel on coronavirus for their “global town hall” thing.

Here’s what she had to say:

  • She doesn’t know if she had the virus because in Sweden you don’t get tested for coronavirus unless you need medical help
  • She isolated herself anyways because it is the right thing to do
  • She’s not completely isolated
  • She can still do things from home
  • She’s been doing things
  • She’s very lucky
  • Many people don’t notice they have symptoms and they may spread the virus
  • Young people have a very big responsibility because they may not experience symptoms
  • She got 100,000 dollars and she donated it to UNICEF to help kids affected by the doom virus
  • She refers to this as the “Covid-19 Pandemic” as if other pandemics were coming
  • The money is mostly for refugee camps and kids in the poorest parts of the world
  • She wants everyone to have soap
  • It is important to listen to experts
  • Listen to science
  • Follow science
  • The “scientific community” is speaking up
  • People are starting to realize that we “depend” on science
  • She worships scientists
  • She wants you to listen to the scientists

Some people have mocked CNN for asking Her Climate Majesty to speak about coronavirus, but it makes total sense for Greta Thunberg to be recognized as a prominent coronavirus expert.

Greta has always been a virulent advocate for shutting things down.

She’s been asking for white countries to shut down their entire economies to save the climate or whatever for years now.

What is the coronavirus “crisis” and the lockdown if not one giant attempt to shut things down on a global scale?

They’ve shut the economy down, they’ve shut your rights down, they’ve shut your social life down, they’ve shut your job down, and they want to shut your future down.

They’ve done all of the things Greta asked people to do in order to combat climate change, but to combat the flu.

Greta Thunberg is the perfect enforcer expert for this new world.