Malevolent GRIDS Faggots Plotting Against the Alt-Right

Daily Stormer
May 2, 2017

The sodomite terrorists are plotting their escape from the bog.

For whatever reason, it seems that the homosexuals have come to believe that the alt-right is out to “get em.”

They have raised concerns about “being put into bogs” and even “being thrown off rooftops.”

It’s still unclear where they may have gotten this idea from.

Whatever the case may be, they reportedly sequestered themselves in their den of evil to plot against us.

Only real bros will get this reference.

Anger won’t be enough. It will take a strategy, LGBT activists said Sunday, to fight the Trump Administration and the alt-right.

LGBT activists, politicians and some of their allies gathered Sunday afternoon at The Asbury Hotel to plot out a way forward for what they called the “AltReason” era, where critical advancements made by the community are under threat, they said.

Presenters at the United 2017 conference discussed everything from best strategies to organize marches and rallies, to how to promote entrepreneurship. They also talked about policy issues like health care for LGBT seniors, advocating for transgender youth in schools and ways to engage religious communities.

Reminder that these people are waging a vicious mind-war against normal people – which they contemptuously refer to as “breeders.”

A peek inside the demented minds of faggots.

The conference was sponsored by Garden State Equality and Jersey Pride Inc., two of the state’s largest LGBT advocacy organizations.

Laura Pople, conference organizer and president of Jersey Pride, Inc. said in a news release that she hoped attendees would learn “what to do with the energy, frustration and despair many are currently experiencing under the current administration, especially.”

Frustration with the alt-right, a nationalistic conservative movement that helped propel Trump into the Oval Office, has abounded with some in the LGBT community.

Unfortunately, there is basically no chance that Trump is going to crack down on perverts.

On the other hand, there’s 100% chance that the alt-right will get around to it sooner or later. So it makes sense for them to be worried.

Here’s the thing, though – there’s nothing they can do about it.

These disgusting GRIDS faggots are caught in a Chinese finger trap:

If they double down on their promotion of degeneracy, then backlash from normal people will only make us stronger and speed up their downfall. If they back off, it’ll completely destroy the illusion they’ve been working on that “progress is inevitable.”

If people get it into their minds that it’s actually possible to roll back all of this garbage, then you’re going to see a lot of people asking why we’re not doing just that.

Remember that these filthy perverts are like 2% of the population. They’re right to be worried.