“Male Violence has No Borders”: Italian Girl Raped and Murdered by Africans, Crazed Feminists Protest Against “Men”

Diversity Macht Frei
October 27, 2018

We are all Desirée

16-year-old Italian girl, Desirée Mariottini, was drugged, raped and murdered by a gang of feral Africans, all drug dealers, all illegal immigrants.

Crazed feminist group NonUnaDiMeno (Not One Less) turn up in San Lorenzo, the scene of the atrocity, to protest not against immigration, but patriarchy and racism.

Together to say ENOUGH

ENOUGH violence on women

ENOUGH racist instrumentalisation on the corpses of women

ENOUGH of erasing for propaganda purposes the lives of women killed by patriarchal violence.

Through the streets of San Lorenzo to shout once again together that masculine violence against woman has no borders, has no passport. Violence against women is done by men. Today we are here, we are many, we are all Desirée.