Male TV Star Man-Shamed for Posting Instagram Shot Without Visible Abs (Women Expect Roid Body)

Steroid use is ubiquitous among celebrities to the point that women now believe that it’s what a man’s body looks like naturally.

All of these actors are going to end up becoming trannies in their fifties like Bruce Jenner because of all of these steroids.

Have you seen that we’re now discussing the fact that Tren is turning men gay?

That’s like some Kalypso from Twisted Metal type shit – you take roids to get girls and then turn gay.

It’s tough.

But this is real life, kid.

Men’s Health:

Stephen Amell posted a shirtless selfie to Instagram over the weekend, showing himself reading Do You Mind If I Cancel? by Gary Janetti in a pair of bright pink swimming shorts. And while plenty of the comments came from fans expressing their unbridled thirst for this kind of content, several others felt the need to share criticisms of the actor’s physique, asking questions like “what happened to the Arrow body?” and “where is Oliver Queen’s physique?”

Amell is best known for playing Oliver Queen, the shredded lead in the superhero show Arrow which ran on The CW from 2012 to 2020. Since leaving that network’s “Arrowverse,” Amell has taken on a completely different character, ripped wrestler Jack Spade in the Starz drama series Heels. In both cases, he has maintained a lean, muscular physique—so much so that apparently people are shocked to see him looking anything less than superhuman, even if he is still in great shape by non-Hollywood standards,

Irked by these comments, Amell shared his response on Facebook a few days later, stating that one photo does not necessarily speak to a person’s health or fitness.

Public service announcement: I’m 6’1 inches tall and 208 lbs. I’m in tremendous shape and I’m strong as shit,” he wrote. “I’m a 24 hour juice cleanse away from blowing the season 1 poster for Arrow out of the water. We did the photography for that poster a little over 9 years ago. Next time I post a photo in my hot pink skivvies, I’ll try and remember to flex! And if that isn’t good enough, send me your address. I will show up to steal your boyfriend or your girlfriend.”

It looks like Oliver Queen has become… a target. 

Anyway, that’s not the reply I would have given. (Though the “steal your boyfriend” bit speaks to what I’m saying.)

He should have just spilled the beans on the fact that the Jew producers of all Hollywood productions force their male stars to take steroids.

Actually, just browsing pictures of this guy, I’m not really seeing that he was definitely on steroids. He could be one of only a few guys in Hollywood that is natty.

Definitely possible.

This one is a bit suspect.

(The issue is maintaining mass while not having fat – it’s very difficult to do both at once. But this guy is not outrageous.)

I would have to go through and analyze a series of pictures of him and his progress over time to make a sure call.

But the point still stands – if he is natty, he’s extremely rare, and it means that he doesn’t party and do drugs and commits his life to fitness.

Here’s the deal: these men cycle the roids. When they are filming, the drugs make them look superhuman. But you can’t keep that up 365 days a year, so when they’re not filming, they look like normal people.

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The media will say things like “he did CrossFit and ate lean chicken breast and transformed his body in six months.”

That is not physically possible.

If these men want to take these drugs and take the chances associated with turning gay or into an outright tranny, that is their choice, but the Jewish media should not be allowed to collude to cover up the fact that they are all on drugs in order to shame natural men.

We need to break the silence.

I’ve been telling the truth about this for years, and homosexuals have actually written to me and claimed I’m just jealous.

I’m in fact in excellent shape for a natural. I have never and will never do drugs, and I have reached what is probably my physical peak. I could get bigger by eating more, but I don’t see any point to that.

And frankly, I do not keep my abs that ripped as a regular thing. I am always six weeks away from ripped abs (without losing weight) or 6 days away from ripped abs (if I’m willing to lose weight), but I have come to not understand the purpose of keeping your body fat this low unless you view your body and your personal health as something that should be managed for the explicit purpose of pleasing women.

If Amell is not on roids during filming, he is still cutting in order to make himself look unrealistically good. There is no reason to look like that all the time.

Men have value beyond what women think of us.

(Note to people who want less comic book references, less comic book imagery, or whatever: no, I’m not doing that. My fixation with comic books has nothing to do with modern comic book movies. Comic books are art and comic books are good and the imagery from comic books is some of the best and most relevant of the modern age.)