Male Prostitute Reveals Sick, Humiliating Fetishes of Used-Up Thots

Luis Castillo
Daily Stormer
November 10, 2018

I tried to tell you guys – they’re vampires.

But you didn’t listen.

Maybe you’ll listen to Ryan. Poor guy.

The Sun:

A MAN who quit who high-flying job to become a male escort has revealed the unlikely thing many women ask for – breakfast in bed.

Ryan James, 31, spoke to Australia’s The Morning Show about his life as an escort and revealed how he resigned from his corporate job in finance to switch careers.

Now, he charges between £220 and £3,330 for his services.

Does the evilness of sluts know no limit?

This. This is what they fantasize about when they’re destroying themselves with their reptilian-shaped vibrators.

They want a male maid, a house servant – basically, a cuck slave, to serve them breakfast, probably brush their teeth for them – may as well douche their vaginas out for them while they’re at it.

That’s what sluts really want, deep down in side – a man whose balls they can cut off. Look at this guy, this male escort.

They don’t even care if they guy is attractive or not, as long as his heart breaks for kittens and pussy. This guy is a 6 out of 10, decidedly average – but they will pay him mad amounts of money anyway, just so he can “pamper” them for hours.

Ryan told how his most popular request was a luxury dinner date, which includes six hours of ‘pampering or pleasure, an overnight sleepover and breakfast in the morning.

On his website Ryan said he was “courteous, polite and a gentleman at all times.”

“Any encounter we have will be truly memorable, leaving you wanting to come back again and again,” he added.

“Pretty much every single client that I see there’s some companionship element to the booking,” he said.

“From what I see, men are more focused on the sexual side of things. Women are focused on the sex too, they wouldn’t come to see me without it but we spend a lot of time talking as well.”

Ryan says many of his clients could easily meet a man in a bar but that they want a “different experience”.

Yes – they want the experience of talking you to death for hours and hours while you make them think that they are important and their opinions are interesting and original.

Imagine, if you will, if a female prostitute were to tell you that all her male clients want to do is lock her in a bondage dungeon, put her in a doggie leash, and humiliate her for hours and hours – and then, sure, have sex really quickly – but just so they could wake up in the morning and demand she play vidya games with them for more hours.

“Damn, this poor hooker is having to deal with some sick, demeaning fetishes.”

That’s exactly what this lad has gone through. We need to start addressing the abuse of male sex workers as a men’s rights issue.

Some are recently divorced, while others are still married but haven’t been intimate with their husbands for some time.

Gee, I wonder why?

The youngest of Ryan’s clients was just 20 but he says it’s rare for them to be in their twenties.

Of course.

Twenty-year-old sadistic whores can usually find men to humiliate for free.

Why, you ask me, are these front-holes so hell-bent on humiliating us?

You see, friends – in a real society, women would just be looking for strong men to protect them and to give them strong children that could protect them.

But in a bountiful society where they are physically and financially protected by the state, they simply want men to be pets.

We need to get these sluts under control, or we’re all gonna die.

Removing the communist programs of affirmative action and welfare would force women to need men again.

Because they need men now – they just have a situation where what they need from men is forcibly taken from them by the state.

The key to changing women’s behavior is removing the socialist programs that prop them up.

Andrew Anglin contributed to this report.