Male Groid Nurse Intentionally Broke 98-Year-Old Woman’s Leg, She Then Died

Daily Stormer
June 2, 2017

The alternative to not having kids is ending up at the mercy of these things

As more and more people don’t have kids or have just one, because a kike told them their refrigerator kills polar bears, more and more old people in the west end up in nursing facilities which are more and more often staffed by retarded monkeys who’ve been told by a kike that Whitey stole peanut-butter powered pyramids. I don’t even know if this is accurate for this particular case, but it is in general.

Daily Mail:

A nursing assistant intentionally broke his 98-year-old patient’s leg before she died while undergoing surgery to fix it, police say.

Hakim Ogunkunle, 43, is facing aggravated battery charges for allegedly injuring his patient, Edna Warren, while she was under his care on Tuesday, at the Newnan Health and Rehabilitation in Georgia.

Warren was rushed to the Piedmont Newnan Hospital to have emergency surgery, but died during the procedure.

This sounds like a recently imported monkey, probably brought over to kill the old ladies that White people won’t kill.

‘He gave a preliminary statement about what occurred and it did not match the severity of the injury,’ GBI spokesman Bahan Rich said.

This nurse assistant has a past charge of battery against patients in personal care at a home, hospice, or long term care facility or assisted living, but wasn’t prosecuted

This was probably a measure to combat the horribly racist crime-to-prison pipeline that so many of these groids seem to fall victim to.

The GBI has noticed more cases of abuse against the elderly in recent years, and Rich says this has come about because more victims have been reporting such crimes.

Are you sure it isn’t because they’re hiring shittier and shittier shit-skins? Because over 90% of all cases like this I’ve ever read were sub-humans, usually niggers, sometimes arabs or pakis.

‘Over the years, we have definitely found that there has been under reporting, but since we started training law enforcement and prosecutors, we’ve noticed that there has been an increase in the number of reports that are made in these cases,’ GBI spokeswoman, Nelly Miles said.

‘This case is just one example of if the case doesn’t get reported, there’s a great chance this person can continue to perpetuate these crimes. That is something that cannot be tolerated,’ Miles said.

So training prosecutors leads to old people being more likely to report being beaten? Is that what this guy’s saying?


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