Male Genital Mutilation

Daily Stormer
February 8, 2017

Nice to see a lady speaking out about this horrendous abuse of our boys.

The defining credential of liberalism is double standards and hypocrisy in every walk and sphere of life.  We hear a lot about FGM, which stands for Female Genital Mutilation. We are constantly told how barbaric and dreadful it is and how it must be stamped out at any cost.  And yet who has ever heard of MGM?  And I don’t mean Metro Goldwyn Mayer!  I mean Male Genital Mutilation.  If referred to at all it is called ‘circumcision’.  In the USA it is virtually compulsory and all so that certain powerful religious/ethnic groups of minority status do not feel stigmatized.  MGM makes no sense – medically, morally, scientifically, spiritually or psychologically.  On the contrary it has very real deleterious effects in all those fields.  So why then do we allow it and not allow FGM?  Why is it becoming increasingly acceptable in Britain and the West at the same time as the West is trying to abolish FGM?  Is it something to do with certain powerful minority interests?  Elizabeth Hobson an acknowledged expert and campaigner on this issue will explain.…