Male Feminist Cuckboi Vice “Journalist” Now Accused of Sexual Assault

Eric Striker
Daily Stormer
November 5, 2017

Mainstream journalism and entertainment is shallow garbage. That’s because it is totally run by Jews and J-leftist middle men who give skanks a leg up (pun intended) in exchange for a bang.

The fags are doing it too. Notice how the newest crop of male actors have pretty faces and big muscles but lack the talent and charisma of Christian Bale or even Sylvester Stallone?

But now the chickens are coming home to roost. The latest scandal involves special snowflakes aggressively ruffling around in that detestable bougie Vice snow globe. It appears that “male feminist ally” Michael Hafford (who a few years ago penned an “ironic” post mocking insincere male feminist “allies” for Vice) was in fact doing exactly what everyone assumes all cuckbois are trying to do.

My shock. Even Roald Dahl could not have imagined it!


On October 6, Helen Donahue, who previously worked as a social media editor for Vice and also wrote for the website, posted photos of bruises on her upper body, neck, and face to Twitter. “sux men in media hate women yet write abt feminism n masquerade as allies but its sadder this happens,” she wrote. “2015 i screamed @ my own reflection.”

Shortly after, another writer named Deirdre Coyle quoted Donahue’s tweet, writing “these bruises came from the same guy who physically forced me to do cocaine during sex.”
And yet another woman known on Twitter by her first name, Dilara, quoted Coyle’s tweet, writing: “This is the same guy who choked me at the foot of his stairs until I passed out and then repeatedly punched me in the face.”

All three women confirmed to each other privately that the man they were referring to was writer Michael Hafford, a former freelance columnist for Broadly and freelance writer for outlets like Refinery29, Rolling Stone, T Magazine and more. The rapper ka5sh, a friend of Donahue’s, also tweeted that Hafford was the man Donahue’s tweet was referring to.

Hafford’s column at Broadly, Vice’s site aimed at women, was “Male Feminist Here,” a satire of male feminism and allyship that ran for three months in 2015. (Disclosure: I also wrote a piece for Broadly in 2015.) “The Male Feminist knows how much the love of a good woman means. Hell, the Male Feminist would settle for grudging acceptance,” Hafford wrote in the first edition of the column. “Not that he’s desperate. He just loves being around women, you know?”

Donahue was first emboldened to come forward on social media after a BuzzFeed investigation revealed that former Broadly editor Mitchell Sunderland had been emailing stories to Milo Yiannopolous to mock via Breitbart. The day after BuzzFeed’s story came out, Vice’s HR was first made aware of allegations around Hafford’s behavior through these Twitter posts, and “he was banned from contributing to any of the company’s properties,” a spokesperson wrote in an email to Jezebel. “Vice does not tolerate assault of any kind, or behavior that is disrespectful or offensive to any group or demonstrates bias or bigotry, and we took action as soon as we learned what happened. We continue to review the matter.”

Now, let’s practice some journalistic objectivity here: no man in history has ever had to “force” a woman to do free cocaine. Especially not a bitch who wears a bull ring and dog collar.

These allegations should be taken with a granule of blow, but they do expose power dynamics within some of the most powerful corporate media structures. Women always act like women no matter how many tattoos and (((Rosa Luxembourg))) texts they own.

And yes, men always act like men, no matter how low their testosterone is. The more weak a man is, the deeper pussy-power cuts them. Bugman Po-Mo consumerist-cuck factories like Vice are especially vulnerable to this.

The problem for the Michael Haffords of the world is that shitting where you eat will always come back to haunt you. When thots get jealous or realize your connection won’t carry their total lack of talent, they will get sour grapes and try to bring you down for attention.

These cuckbois have helped destroy our society and made healthy relationships all but impossible by giving these bitches spotlight and pretending like we should take their hysterical screeds seriously.

Now your karma check is here, pay up you faggoty nerds!