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March 16, 2019

Samoa’s late president Umaga defended his country from foreigners until he died (((mysteriously))) in 2009.

Samoa is a couple of shitty little islands inhabited by around 200K fat people.

They have literally nothing there except coconuts and shrines to Cthulhu.

And they seem to like it that way, because a bunch of them just started a political party whose main purpose is to not be invaded by Chinese.


A new political party in Samoa is driving a nationalistic campaign to ban future Chinese migrants to the country.

The Samoa First Party announced the policy last week, outraging some in the country’s sizeable Chinese community.


Hitler would approve.

Its deputy leader told local media he wanted to “repatriate” the Chinese out of Samoa, comments which were later withdrawn.

Oh come on!

Don’t cuck right off the bat, stick to your guns.

Nothing good ever comes from apologizing or retracting anything, ever.

Party leader Unasa Iuni Sapolu says the official policy is to ban all Chinese migrants but she insists the party isn’t racist.

“We must put Samoans as a priority. We can’t held against … once the Chinese come over they bring over the products, they are from a bigger, much bigger, billions and billions of population,” she said.

Why is this party run by a woman?

Chinese-Samoan community member Ronna Lee said the “ridiculous” policy would make life harder for new migrants from China, who already face outrageous claims that they are taking over Samoa.

What’s so outrageous about thinking Chinks will do there what they do everywhere?

Mind you, Chinks are much less corrosive on society than Jews are, but still…

“Any politician who has policies that are based on bigotry and racism should not be given a platform to be a politician,” she said, adding that racism was incompatible with Fa’aSamoa values of love and respect.

And there you have it.

This same moronic Jewspeak that we hear every day from the Jews in the media, coming from a member of one of the most powerful nations in the world, telling these savage coconut niggers what their “principles and values” are – which just so happen to coincide with her own group’s interest.

When Jews created this legal and pseudo-moral order in the West, they also created it almost everywhere else, and this is how you get situations like this, where the entire world is slowly but surely turning into a battlefield, and people are called evil and mentally ill just for wanting what every human being who ever lived wanted, which is to HAVE HIS OWN FUCKING COUNTRY.

Chinks caught on very fast, and they’re using this throughout the world, wherever they’re building colonies and gaining economic power, and of course it never occurs to them that this might one day come back and bite them.

Chinks don’t seem to realize just how much trouble this’ll bring them in the long run.

Remember – when we defeat the Jews, we won’t just be saving ourselves, but the whole world from turning into a massive shithole where everybody is in constant conflict with everyone else and no one has any place they can call home other than the kikes, who mow down Palestinians in their own land without any regard to “principles and values.”

And there’s only one way to defeat the Jews…


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