Make Public Transportation Great Again!

Smooth Gentleman Addresses Endemic Crisis of Blacks on the Subway

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
July 25, 2016

Finally, someone has addressed the problem of Blacks on public transport!

These days, mass public transportation is in most ways much more logical than having everyone owning their own car.

The model of everyone owning their own car made sense when we lived in suburbs and worked in the city, but that was sort of a weird, failed experiment, involving much too much lawn-care and lot of loneliness.


I grew-up in the suburbs, and I remember even as a child thinking “what is the point of all of this grass?” Of course, it was fun to play in, but mostly we would go to parks to play anyway – because that’s where the other kids were. And that’s the other thing – you had to walk a lot further to get to groups of other kids, meaning you ended up spending less time with other kids.

Having these gigantic yards is just some ridiculous status symbol from the fifties.


It’s (((wonderful))) to mow the lawn, goyim.

Suburbia (in this “yard and two-car garage” sense) was a wholly American phenomenon, even while the rest of Western Europe was having baby-booms following the war. This is because a large part of it – which existed beyond a desire to have a second, unpaid job doing lawn care – had to do with Negroes congregating in the inner-city.

Now, of course, the opposite situation is taking place, with the brown races congregating in the suburbs and Whites moving to the urban centers.

But alas: there is still enough color in certain sections of the inner-city that public transportation is non-viable. Being on a bus or a train in the US is like being in a prison yard.

And so, we shall continue to drive cars until we can send all of these genetic refuse back to wherever the hell it’s from.


We demand retro-futuristic urban loveliness!

BONUS: Further Thoughts on Fewer Cars

I have also spent a good deal of my life living on a farm about 30 minutes from the center of the city, and enjoyed this very much. Suburbia is just a weird mix of urban and rural, which ends up crappy, having the positives of neither. Like a snack food which is both salty and sweet.

People who wish to live in rural areas could still own cars in this all-White future I envision. I don’t think they need to be abolished, of course. However, if we were able to clear two-thirds of them out of the city, we could make it a much more comfortable place.

I should really make a separate listicle about the benefits of a car-free urban environment, because I have promised to transform the Daily Stormer into a listicle clickbait site.

But I won’t.

Just the list.

  • The air would be better – I am not an aggressive environmentalist, necessarily, but it is simply a fact that cars produce a gross dirtiness in the environment.
  • Massive noise reduction – This horrible noise we are dealing with 24 hours a day is very bad for our psyches. There is always this hum. We would be much happier, our stress greatly reduced, if we had a quieter environment.
  • Walking would be more enjoyable – Walking in a modern American city is a hassle, because the roads are designed for cars. You often have to wait for lights and so on, whole big hassle.
  • Walking streets – Most European cities have large, long walking streets, and this creates an extremely pleasant environment, where you can be at peace without having to dodge these large machines coming at you non-stop. It really changes everything about your life-orientation.

Again, we can dream of all the wonder things we could build if we could rid ourselves of the plague of diversity. But right now, the goal is to rid ourselves of the plague.

However, I should spend more time writing about the future we will create when we finally cleanse these lands of the brown menace.

Because we aren’t doing this out of pure hatred.

We are doing it to create a better world.


The liberals have given up on the idea of the future.

Because even they know that the idea of dragging a bunch of monkeys to space with us is objectively ridiculous.