Make America White Again: Saturday’s Nationalist Unity Gathering in Tennessee

Matthew Heimbach
Trad Youth
July 28, 2016


As we get closer to our upcoming nationalist summit in Tennessee I wanted to give a brief overview of the plans and agenda for the day. First of all we will be meeting at 9:30am for a 10am kickoff at the Whitewater Grill located at 1224 Hwy 64, Ocoee, TN. At the Whitewater Grill we will eat and hear a speech by Mr. Tyler on his candidacy and ways people can help his campaign.

This portion of the meeting will be entirely private and allow a great opportunity to have some homemade Southern cooking and get involved in a pro-White candidates race to challenge the political Establishment. Donations to the Rick Tyler campaign, while optional, will be welcome and appreciated.

So we don’t hog up space in the Whitewater Grill for the lunch rush, after brunch and hearing Mr. Tyler speak, we will travel to nearby Cleveland, Tennessee for an exciting lineup of nationalists speakers. We will be featuring Mr. William Flowers of the League of the South, myself, Dr. Matthew Johnson of The Barnes Review, and more. They’ll be providing exciting perspectives from the nationalist movement from a variety of organizations.

Some media will be invited for this section of the day but will follow strict rules on only filming those giving speeches to protect the identities of all of our comrades. Any media that does not sign off on an agreement to these protections will not be allowed to attend the event.

After speeches we will get to listen to live music by our very own Paddy Tarleton including his new hit “Join the BLM” and a variety of both classic folk anthems and his own original materials. The creativity of our Party will also be highlighted through a presentation by Jason Augustus, our chief graphic designer and the man behind 14 Sacred Words.

Once we have wrapped up music we will travel to the Confederate memorial in Cleveland to pay tribute to the Confederate war dead and make a show of solidarity for the symbols of our people and heritage that are currently under attack. Northerner or Southerner, if you are White, your heritage and history is under attack.

Once we finish our event at the Confederate memorial we will have the opportunity to relax and fellowship with one another at one of the affordable and very nice local establishments in Cleveland.

This conference not only provides a great opportunity to meet fellow comrades, hear great speeches, listen to good music and participate in activism; we will be building the road-map for nationalist cooperation to engage the political process and promote our values to our people. The time is now to organize and mobilize the White working class to our side, and this conference will provide a great opportunity to exchange ideas, build bridges between different organizations and work to grow our movement.

We are all in this fight together against the same enemy, let us join together on the same barricades to pave the way towards a nationalist future. I will look forward to seeing all of you this weekend in Tennessee!

PS: Any questions about the event or accomodation can be directed to our contact page.