Majority Support Turning the Earth Into a Frozen Wasteland – But What are the Risks?

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According to the The Guardian, citing the United Nations, which are both known for being highly factual and accurate in their truthful information, 2/3rds of the world that doesn’t live in a country where no polls were done agree that we have to immediately change the weather and work towards turning the world into a single sheet of ice.

There is no way that these numbers are skewed, because The Guardian only tells the factual and absolute truth about everything, all the time.

I was shocked to see that 65% of Russians think it’s too hot outside, given that their country is absurdly cold.

However, then I started thinking: if Joe Biden turns the planet into a single frozen wasteland, as he’s stated is his goal, then they, being adapted to cold whether, will have an extreme advantage.

I think we need to talk about how Russians may have an advantage if we freeze the entire earth, as Biden plans. In a frozen earth, it is possible that Russians would have an even easier time posting disinformation on Facebook about the true nature of absolutely frozen democratic values.

President Biden, who was elected in a fair election that did not involve massive fraud, has claimed that by gutting the middle class, forcing them to pay crippling taxes to an international government body, and forcing everyone to eat bugs, Mother Earth will respond to the gesture of sacrifice by freezing us out, creating a paradisiacal frozen wasteland, where it will be easy to drive Telsa electric trucks across the ocean, eliminating the need for airplanes.

The government will buy these $200,000 trucks for blacks and other people of color, by putting property taxes on the trailer parks of out-of-work white coal miners. If the coal miners complain, we will open up more clinics to give them free needles for their fentanyl habits. The EU has also suggested that the Americans compelled to pay for this ice world project can be lulled into silence with a new season of “Duck Dynasty” called “Ice Road Duckers.”

It all sounds a little bit good to be true.

I have a speech prepared called “How a Utopian Frozen Wasteland Could Empower Russian Disinformation to Undermine and Threaten the Podiums of Democracy.” However, when I suggested that I be allowed to present my research at the Council on Foreign Relations and the Davos Agenda Forum, I was sent a recording of Ursula Gertrud von der Leyen in the nude singing “Let It Go” from the movie “Frozen.”

When I responded to the email, telling them that I was not sure they are taking this threat seriously, and also humbly asking why Von der Leyen was in the nude in this recording I was sent, she replied to me personally, saying: “No right, no wrong, no rules for me I’m free,” a line from the song from the Disney film.

I agree completely with the need to totally freeze the surface of the earth. However, we need to consider the potential of Russian hackers to exploit this situation.

So I am now asking publicly that I be allowed to give my speech at the Davos Agenda Forum.