Mainstream Mistrust: 20% of English Blame Jews, Moslems and/or Bill Gates, Nearly 1/2 Blame China

This entire coronavirus hoax hinges on a certain portion of the population believing the entire hoax and serving as enforcers of the hoax on the rest of the population. If they are planning on force-vaccinating, force-microchipping, rounding up people and throwing them in camps – as does not seem too far outside of what it looks like is happening right now – they’re going to need that solid base of true believers to stand by and cheer.

The fact that this coronavirus situation is now being connected directly to the Jews has some Jews really spooked.

Jerusalem Post:

One in five English people believe that Jews created COVID-19 to collapse the economy for financial gain, a newly-released study by a team of researchers at the University of Oxford has revealed.

The finding came as part of a wider survey in attitudes toward the virus and the measures taken to prevent its spread, which found that there was a strong undercurrent of mistrust over official advice on the virus within the public. 

“Increasingly as the lockdown has gone on the signs of conspiracy beliefs forming has become greater,” study leader Daniel Freeman told The Jerusalem Post. “In the UK there has even been the setting fire of mobile phone masks linked to a particular coronavirus conspiracy belief. We were most interested to see if the conspiracy beliefs led to people disregarding the important public health measures to reduce the epidemic.”

A professor of Clinical Psychology at Oxford, Freeman is also a consultant clinical psychologist at the Oxford Health NHS Foundation Trust.

The Oxford Coronavirus Explanations, Attitudes, and Narratives Survey (OCEANS), was published in the journal Psychological Medicine on Friday. It surveyed 2,500 adults who were representative of the English population according to age, gender, region and income, on their attitudes toward the government narrative on coronavirus and related conspiracy theories between May 4 and May 11.

“The conspiracy beliefs varied hugely in content, often contradicting each other, but if a person believed one idea they were more likely to endorse others,” Freeman highlighted. “If a person blamed Jews, they were also more likely to blame Muslims, Bill Gates and pharmaceutical companies too. What we are observing is most likely a conspiracy mentality: a way of seeing the world that is marked by antipathy to official or mainstream accounts or to those in higher status positions.”

The researchers also found that those who endorse conspiracy theories also reported a lower adherence to the authorities’ guidelines to contain the virus outbreak.

Regarding their demographic features, they tended to be associated with “higher levels of religiosity” and a “slightly more right wing political orientation,” as explained in the paper.

“Coronavirus conspiracy beliefs are more likely to be held in the young, those who feel marginalized, and those at the extremes of political belief,” the professor said. “Coronavirus conspiracy beliefs were also more likely in those who already believed other conspiracy theories such as that climate change is a hoax or that vaccination data are fabricated.” 

“Individuals who obtained most of their information about coronavirus from the BBC had lower levels of coronavirus conspiracy thinking. Conspiracy beliefs were more likely in those who obtained their coronavirus information from friends, social media and YouTube,” he added.

The survey comes shortly after NGO Hope Not Hate published a similar survey of their own, conducted between February and April 2020, which found that 13% of Britons believe that Jews have “undue control of banks,” while a substantial 38% said they “couldn’t say for sure” or “didn’t know.”

The real question is, what is even going on with the other 87%?

I would guess that they are just wrapped up in their own lives, eating and working and sleeping and having fun.

Hey – wanna hear a joke?


Moreover, at the beginning of April, the Community Security Trust, an organization that works to ensure the physical protection of British Jews and monitors antisemitic episodes and discourse, produced a report dedicated to “Coronavirus and the plague of antisemitism,” featuring several examples of threats or accusations against Jews related to the pandemic that have appeared online.

“The findings [of our study] are truly concerning. Rates of coronavirus conspiracy beliefs were higher than we anticipated. Only half of the population appear completely unaffected by such ideas. Highly disturbing ideas were endorsed by a significant minority,” Freeman told the Post.

It looks like a fracture in society is exposed, just as we need a collective response to combat the virus. The coronavirus conspiracy theories appear to have built on long-standing prejudices and distorted ideas. Mistrust appears to have gone mainstream,” the professor added, highlighting that the fact that conspiracy ideas, including those about Jews, were most likely to be held by young people, which is also a worrisome element.

The takeaway here is that mistrust has gone mainstream in the young, religious and conservative. They don’t mention race, gender or sexuality, but I would assume this leans male, and very much straight and white.

So, if half of the general population is harboring mistrust, then it must be in a healthy majority among young, straight white men.

At its face, this very Jewish data appears to indicate that the people do not clearly know where to place this mistrust.

This table, from the Oxford study, indicates that the “China Bioweapon” narrative is predominant – though you won’t see these Jews fake concern about anti-Chinese discrimination – as well as other conspiracy theories that imply that Corona is a real thing, and not just the flu, as we have covered.

However, they curiously did not ask if people thought that Corona was real, or just the flu. There is no honest way to forget to ask that question in a survey of this nature, so they must have not wanted to have to report on that question. It is possible that the people who agreed partially did so because they blame people not for the virus, but for the hoax.

Still, I am sure that there are many people who just generally distrust this situation, but do not know where to get real information, and will think anything. I have met such many such people.

For these people, progressivism has already completely destroyed their trust in media and institutions, because the previous phase has been so partisan and so physically and morally disgusting. So, even if they don’t know how to argue against media talk, healthy low-information people instinctively assume it to be nonsense.

Since they don’t know anyone who knows anyone who has died of the flu, they are open to any explanation of our circumstances. But otherwise, many people just don’t think about it, or try to think about it but are confused by their social media circle.

The bottom line here is that people in your demographic are naturally distrustful of this situation, but they are starving for real information. All of this information has all been documented here, and you can link to it on social media using Web Archive.

Or better yet, make videos explaining the hoax, at home or at rallies, and share those with your people.