Maine: BASED Polack Town Manager Fired for Being Pro-White, Building an Ethnostate

Roy Batty
Daily Stormer
January 24, 2018

We reported earlier this week on a Maine town manager who was being attacked for voicing pro-White views.

He was doing a decent job by all accounts. But that didn’t stop deranged shitlib Boomers from firing him.

Bangor Daily News:

The Jackman Select Board voted unanimously on Tuesday morning to fire the town manager, whose support of racial segregation and condemnation of Islam put the town in what most locals saw as an unflattering light.

Town manager Tom Kawczynski was dismissed four days after the Bangor Daily News reported that he is the founder and leader of New Albion, a pro-white organization that actively opposes people “from different cultures” coming to northern New England.

The roughly 45 Jackman residents who crowded into their town hall early Tuesday greeted Kawczynski’s ouster as welcome news. One woman let out a small cheer.

“Jackman is great again,” said James Waycott, 43, who recently became a full-time town resident after having long spent summers there.

Did you catch his name? It’s Tom Kawczynski. That’s right. A based Pole doing the discrimination that Americans won’t. This is why if we’re going to be importing anyone, we need to import more Poles into the US. Their innate shitlordiness will whip the locals into shape.

And after he was fired? Completely unrepentant. He even got some money out of it.

In exchange for $30,000 in severance pay, Kawczynski signed an agreement not to sue the town. Officially, his was a “no cause” dismissal.

After the meeting, the 37-year-old Kawczynski was unrepentant. He said he signed the contract simply to take the national spotlight off Jackman and said depictions of his views in the news media have been inaccurate.

“I reject categorically the suggestion that I am a racist, a bigot, a Nazi or any of the other foul names which have been attributed to me or my wife,” Kawczynski said. “I lost a job today, but I have gained a cause. And I am not going to stop this fight.”

He took it all on the chin and didn’t back down. Can’t ask for more from the guy, given the shitty hand he was dealt.

Some more shitlord quotes:

Kawczynski told the BDN last week that he wants to preserve this region’s white majority and to keep out Muslims but that his group welcomes people of all backgrounds, as long as their culture is “rooted in Western civilization.”

And as good Stormers, we’ve learned to read between the lines by now haven’t we?

Announcement of Kawczynski’s firing followed an hourlong, closed-door meeting of the four selectmen, the town lawyer and Kawczynski. As locals awaited the board’s decision, many of them expressed hope that Kawczynski would be fired and that the town could begin to repair its reputation.

Connie Guay, 69, said she traveled to India two years ago for a Muslim friend’s wedding.

“When they hear this news [of Kawczynski’s views], they’re not going to want to come to Jackman to visit me,” Guay said. “This town is a beautiful tourist town. We invite everyone. There was never any discrimination.”

In other words, the town Jew and the town shitlib cat ladies formed an unholy coalition to can this guy.

BUT WAIT. There’s more. It turns out that this Based Pole was hired by the town to get their shit in order because someone had basically fucked everything up and they needed to hire a fucking white male to fix everything.

Kawczynski, who had worked for Donald Trump’s presidential campaign in New Hampshire, was hired by Jackman amid the rise of the so-called alt-right and a resurgence around the country of white nationalist movements that have felt buoyed by the Trump’s election. Kawczynski came to Jackman at a moment of crisis for the remote, Somerset County community.

Last summer, Jackman, which has a population of 862 as of the most recent census and is more than 50 miles from the nearest hospital, was at risk of losing around-the-clock emergency medical care.

As this threat loomed, Kawczynski was hired as manager from among 14 applicants after multiple interviews and a background check, according to a news release from the town. “The hiring process included the Board as well as six citizens who went to great lengths in reviewing each application,” the release said.

Shay said the town did a good job vetting candidates but that “some people just fly under the radar.” The selectmen learned about Kawczynski’s views from news reports last week and will review the social media accounts of future job applicants, he said.

Glenn Levesque, who owns the Bishops Motel, said that Kawczynski’s work had been “instrumental” in helping the town keep 24-hour urgent care. But, the 56-year-old said, the ambulance service is still at risk and the former manager’s divisive personal views made it impossible for him to be an effective advocate for Jackman.

Once again, the hated White man had to come and get everything working again, only to be sent packing for not hating himself and his race. Disgusting. Only Whites are forced to choose between having an identity and having a job.

Furthermore, kudos to Kawczynski for actually doing what White Nationalist have been talking about for years. He went to a small town, made himself useful and started building a proto-ethnostate.

I don’t know how he got doxxed, but it seems that opsec was the main problem. Anyone trying to do something similar should keep that in mind going forward.