Mail-In Voting Failed in New York and It Would be an Unmitigated Disaster on the National Scale

There was a mostly mail-in primary election in New York in June, and the counting just finished last week.

The Indian immigrant who was declared the loser is refusing to concede, because of problems in the mail-in process.

Fox News:

Despite failed attempts for seamless mail-in voting in smaller elections, nationwide voting by mail could still be possible with some alterations, Ali Najmi, attorney to congressional candidate Suraj Patel, told Fox News’ “America’s News Headquarters.”

Patel lost to Rep. Carolyn Maloney in New York City’s 12th congressional district primary race, which tested the mail-in system. Patel is refusing to concede, however, after 10,000 ballots were sent late and votes took six weeks to tally up. Najmi said the postal service and State Board of Elections are to blame.

“The State Board of Elections, the City Board of Elections mailed out and printed ballots late. They didn’t scale up in time,” he said. “And they made a bet against how many people would really want to vote by mail in this election … And the United States Postal Service, well, they’re not perfect. They’ve had issues with their automated system in terms of delivering postmarks on to ballot envelopes and as well as accounting for the timeliness of their deliveries.”’

Najmi said even though 21% of ballots were rejected from the vote, many were thrown out for a variety of reasons including envelopes being sent unsealed and ballots left unsigned. As a solution, Najmi argued there are revisions that could make the process simpler.

He wants new envelopes.

Well, we don’t have time to test out new envelopes.

The lawyer is focusing on envelopes, but the candidate himself wrote an op-ed for the Washington Post last week, outlining even more issues that he sees, none of which we have time to fix.

I just want to note that while I hate women, I’m glad that bitch won.

Look at this Indian:

We have really gone way the hell out in crazy town when we start having literal Indian political leaders in America. It’s just almost too much to even comprehend.

Why are these people in my country? Seriously, what the hell are they doing here? What is even going on?

We’re just gonna slice the whole place up, huh? Just give every shitholer on earth a piece of what our ancestors built, leaving nothing for the people. And that’s called “democracy.”

But I digress.

The United States presidential election is in less than three months.

It is lunacy that we are talking about mail-in voting in a national election when no one has any idea at all how that would even work.

The media is not discussing the New York election, but God bless this whiny Indian for going out there and whining about it, because this really shows that this Democrat plan for mail-in voting simply is not feasible.

Imagine if 21% of ballots were thrown out in a presidential election. What would that even mean?

The thing about this mail-in election hoax is that there is no way anyone would trust the results. That is why the Democrats are pushing it. They know very well that the errors would almost all be in their favor, but even if they lose, they will be able to say that Trump lost because the mail-in election was a disaster.

Of course, if they are declared the winners, they will simply silence anyone who questions their victory. They are already planning to pass wide-sweeping hate speech laws, and they are also going to pass laws accusing people of being Russian agents and “spreading disinfo” and “meddling in our democracy.” Anyone who goes out and says the Democrats didn’t really win because of discrepancies in the voting will be declared a Russian agent (furthermore, no one will be able to hear their complaints anyway, as it will all be banned from social media, just as evidence of meddling in the Democrat primaries was banned from social media).

It’s a win-win for them, and a lose-lose for the Republicans.

The simple fact that the Democrats are pushing so hard for it should be reason enough not to do it. The idea of the method of voting being a partisan issue is just kooky. Obviously, they think it will benefit them, and obviously, the method of voting shouldn’t benefit a particular party.

I think it is actually possible that we’re going to decide that mail-in voting is just too kooky, and force people to do this in person. Hopefully, the states will not have the ability to make these decisions themselves, but if they do, Trump needs to sue all of the swing states who try to do this. He needs to sue them hard.