Magical Friendship: Antifa United with Neocons in Defense of Syrian War!

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
October 8, 2019

Jewish Antifa agent @PissPigGranddad AKA Brace Belden pictured fighting with the heroic neocon terrorist group YPG in fake Kurdistan.

How bad is orange man?

Orange man is so bad, that he’s united Jewish Antifa with Jewish neoconservatives in support of the war in Syria.

Antifa groups and the Democratic Socialists of America are standing strong against orange man and his evil attempt to end the Syrian war, which will defeat the democracy of the Kurds – the most noble of true democracies.

Both the Jewish left and the Jewish right are able to come together on this issue: the war in Syria is just, it is important, and it must never end.

The workers must rise up and protect the nation of Israel.

Only orange man is evil enough that he cannot recognize such a self-evident fact.