Magic Negro Battles “Races” Restroom

Modern Heretic
October 14, 2015

We bee doctor nao.

The appointment of a Kenyan sodomite mulatto to the highest office possible has proven that there is no redemption for “races” Whites, no glorious moment when our jewish enemy will decide we’ve groveled and debased ourselves enough and the whole “racism” racket can go away. We’ve already given up any hope of integration, wisely deciding that various competing victim groups of entitled and hostile aliens making demands and attacking a ridiculously compliant White population was the way to go. After the national suicide of 2008 it became clear that Whites will remain the kosher sin-goat to be driven into the desert of “diversity” until our genocide is complete.

Now, with 2016 rapidly approaching (please update your debating tactics to reflect this, cultural marxists) the “racism” is worse than ever. I’m not even talking about face crime, or I.Q. testing, or Whites that aren’t dead, although these things are undeniable problems. Instead we must address the systematic bias against nigga bodies (Ah! Ah!) in our restrooms. Better that than the la-teen-oh inability to correctly use one, I guess.


Rolling Out:

Kim Ohaegbulam had just completed a tedious medical school project when he became a victim of racial discrimination.

“I bee during dat teed-yuss sheet bout cuttin’ on old Whitey an sheeet. When eye bee gattin’ dat doc-tarr jab an all dee wite wimmins?” The magic negro future doctor and his understandable lack of enthusiasm for learning how to correctly practice medicine becomes another victim of the inherent evil of Whites. Strange how they want to flood our countries, considering how poorly we treat them. It’s almost like this is highly hypocritical nonsense, but the jew says it’s real, so it must be.

Ohaegbulam is a Ph.D. student at Albert Einstein College of Medicine where he studies new pathways for T cell costimulation and coinhibition and related diseases, according to the school’s website.

LOL, Albert Einstein College. Heroic evolutionary dead-end doctor, just like on the talmudvision. This just gets more and more ridiculous and we haven’t even reached the “races” part. Magic negro at magic dead jew school might cure G.R.I.D.S., if it doesn’t die of a burst bladder in some bar first.

He was celebrating the completion of a class project with fellow students at Landmark Tavern in New York when a racist manager disrupted his life.

Oy, life disruption! Mild inconveniences caused by simple misunderstandings are the new lynchings, KKK and nawrtzees, slavery and Jim Crowe.

According to the New York Daily News, Ohaegbulam’s friends, who are students from Asia and India, went to the restroom without issue.

No Whites at the jew medical school, big surprise.

But when Ohaegbulam attempted to use the restroom, he was stopped by the bar’s White manager who told him the restroom was only for paying customers.

The only possible explanation is “racism,” especially after letting the rest of the mystery meat pot-luck in.

The manager called the police on Ohaegbulam and he was arrested for disorderly conduct for making “noise.”

A negro getting loud over some petty issue? Are you sure? Seems pretty unlikely.

This was an overt act of racism by the manager of Landmark Tavern. There have been numerous incidents in recent months where Blacks have faced discrimination at a bar or nightclub.

Whites are being routinely targeted for brutal racially-motivated negro crimes but we need to focus on muh discrimination up in da club.

In September, a group of Black women in London were not allowed into DSTRKT nightclub because they were “too dark.”

We only had to travel across the Atlantic to find another dubious example of “races” night spots. It’s an epidemic!

Ohaegbulam has decided to hire a lawyer and sue the bar for racial discrimination.

Time to get the negro lottery going. The jew springs into action.

It buzzin’ an sheet.