Maduro Not Playing Any Games, Preemptively Closes Border

Roy Batty
Daily Stormer
February 22, 2018

Things are ramping up now.

Coming to a head.

The next few days are crucial.


Starting Thursday evening, Venezuela is closing its border with Brazil, President Nicolas Maduro has announced. He added the same measure may apply to the border with Colombia, though he does not want to order it.

The Venezuelan military was ordered to enforce the travel ban in airspace and on the sea until further notice, Maduro said during a televised address from a military headquarters.

Speaking about possible cut of border travel with Colombia, Maduro said he didn’t want to take such a decision but was considering it.

Both Brazil and Colombia serve as transit counties for Venezuela-bound American shipments.

The restrictions come amid a tense stand-off over US attempts to deliver what Washington describes as humanitarian aid into Venezuela in defiance of the wishes of its government. The US considers Maduro usurper and recognizes as the head of state the self-proclaimed acting president Juan Guaido, whose opposition group is the designated receiver of the ‘aid’.

So far Elliot Abrams has tried several methods with bad results.

  1. Stage a color revolution type protest – FAIL
  2. Get the military to switch sides – FAIL
  3. Trigger a “humanitarian crisis” on the border – IN PROGRESS

His latest plan is still in progress and it’s to force Maduro to shoot an aid caravan or something similar.

If Maduro won’t do the shooting, then false flag snipers will. 

The important thing is to get the warm bodies moving and the media filming and trigger a crisis at the border. But Maduro pre-empted their move by closing the border with Brazil.

Maduro has also closed the border with the Dutch Caribbean Islands.

That still leaves Colombia.