“Madness of Crowds” Author: It’s Hypocritical to Allow Floyd Protests During Social Distancing

The government can take away everyone’s rights if they say that there’s a virus, and people will be forced to live like prisoners — UNLESS they’re really angry about a black person dying.

Because black people are more important than The Greater Good.

Because blacks themselves are The Greater Good.

Daily Mail:

The author of best-selling political book ‘The Madness of Crowds’ has slammed authorities as hypocrites for allowing mass anti-racism protests while still urging Britons to stick to social distancing rules.

Controversial author Douglas Murray said that while ‘everybody in the UK has to lock down’, thousands are permitted to gather for protests across the UK sparked by the death of unarmed black man George Floyd in the US.

Douglas Murray

He told The Sun: ‘We have been through weeks indeed months in Britain – as in other countries in the lockdown – of people being told they mustn’t visit their parents or they mustn’t go for a sunbathe on their own in the middle of a park.’

He added: ‘We aren’t allowed to have gatherings in our houses, we’re not allowed to meet friends, we’re now allowed to have tea with up to six people in our gardens if we’re fortunate enough to have one.

Oh, but the exception is if a Minneapolis police officer does something appalling and utterly reprehensible and then you can come out in the thousands, so there’s an exemption.’

Yes, that is the exception, because, you see…

Coronavirus isn’t really a threat. It’s only as dangerous as the flu, and the whole Doom Virus thing was a tactic to see how easy it would be to take away everyone’s rights with the least amount of push back.

It worked, and now our rulers have moved onto the next stage of their plan.