Madlad Ron Paul Tweets A. Wyatt Mann Cartoon Blasting Jew “Cultural Marxism”

Adrian Sol
Daily Stormer
July 3, 2018

This is what a civilizational paradigm shift looks like.

What was once implicit is now being made explicit.

Dog-whistles are being phased out in favor of plain rhetoric. The J-left have been ramping up their hateful speech and behaviors in the past weeks, calling on Trump supporters to be attacked and harassed.

Apparently they never imagined that the right would fire right back.

Well, now the gloves come off.

The Hill:

Former Rep. Ron Paul (R-Texas) on Monday tweeted, then deleted, a racist cartoon depicting minorities with exaggerated features punching Uncle Sam.

The cartoon features a Jewish man with a hooked nose, a black man with exaggerated lips, an Asian man with slanted eyes and a man who looks like a neanderthal punching Uncle Sam and yelling “Cultural Marxism!”

Libertarian to neon-Nazi pipeline confirmed at the highest levels.

Ron Paul has harbored a burning hatred for Jews, homos and Blacks for decades now, and he’s only been biding his time for the right moment to strike.

And as America is quickly reaching peak clown-world fatigue, the time has arrived.

In one tweet, Paul has shifted the Overton window by such a large margin that Trump can now look moderate by comparison.

Needless to say, the blue checkmarks and the mainstream media are freaking right the fuck out.

A torrent of hysterical articles started coming out mere minutes after the initial tweet.

And Twitter faggots have of course started harassing his son Rand Paul immediately.

Battle lines are being drawn.

I doubt this is going to bother ol’ Rand, tho. He ain’t too fond of the Jews either.

“Are you stunned by what has become of American culture?” Paul said in the tweet. “Well, it’s not an accident. You’ve probably heard of ‘cultural Marxism,’ but do you know what it means?”

“Cultural Marxism” can barely be considered a “dog-whistle,” as it directly references the subversive Jewish takeover of our culture and institutions. It is on par with “Zionist International Banking Cartel” as far as a way of saying “Hebrew Gentlemen” without a word that starts with a “J” or a “K.”

A few minutes of googling “cultural Marxism” will turn any honest man into an anti-Semite.

Paul faced enormous backlash on social media, with some people drawing parallels between the image and Nazi propaganda.

“Parallels,” lol.

A. Wyatt Mann cartoons don’t “parallel” Nazi propaganda – they’re full-blown /pol/ memes.

Uh, this isn’t a “dog-whistle,” retards.

The fact that they’re addressing Ron Paul’s tweet in these terms show that they fear the implications of having a popular political figure fully embrace Alt-Right talking points.

They’re giving him a way out, so that he might apologize and walk it all back. Of course, they’d still do everything they can to destroy him, but that would minimize the damage.

The more strident outlets, on the other hand, just flat out call him a racist anti-Semite – which is much better for us.

Paul quickly tweeted the same message with a new image that reads “political correctness,” with a “no” symbol over the words.

Yeah, he didn’t straight up delete the post in question, he just replaced it with a different image – but with the same text. Here’s the Facebook post linked in the tweet:

Basically, he’s saying “hey, you know everything that’s wrong with America? It’s all the fault of one specific group of people – the Cultural-Marxists.”

And the Cultural Marxists are basically all Jews – this is trivial to demonstrate.

Predictably, the official response is that Paul’s tweet was created by a “staff member,” and that the image was a mistake. He didn’t apologize though (despite media reports framing it that way).

Even if that’s true, it means that Paul’s most trusted staffers have A. Wyatt Mann memes on their hard drives.

Either way, the reality is that Ron Paul was always red-pilled.

Holy shit, lol. The Ron Paul newsletters were basically Stormer-tier back in the day.

There’s no talk of this staffer being fired. So it’s very likely that this was all planned from the beginning.

Ron Paul is no longer officially in politics. He’s 82 years old. He has very little to lose. But if he can transform the political landscape at this key moment, he could inscribe his name in history forever.

The J-left is currently on edge. They’re losing left and right, the Democratic party is being torn apart between the Jewish wing and the brown wing, and the culture is experiencing tectonic shifts away from liberal ideology. They’re constantly making stupid mistakes, and losing ground.

We’re at a critical juncture. Agitating our enemies this hard is going to push them into behavior patterns that are very favorable for us.

They chose their fate… But you can give them a good push off the edge.