Madison Cawthorn Says He’s Going to Kick in the Door of the Prison and Free 1/6 Political Prisoners!

Madison Cawthorn is officially calling for some type of prison break of the Capitol Stormers!

When asked about the hundreds of political prisoners being held in solitary confinement in Washington, the heroic cripple vowed to “bust them out.”

He was asked when the people would be called to Washington to liberate the city from tyranny, and replied “we’re working on that one!”

Finally, someone is standing up for our rights!

For the record, I totally disavow whatever radical and violent plans Cawthorn is concocting, and discourage anyone from joining his renegade brigades. Right now, the only reasonable thing anyone can do is lay low, and not try to do some kind of Wild Bunch scene in Washington.

But I will say – I’m imagining this scene in Wild Bunch if everyone rolled into the gunfight in wheelchairs to free Angel.

(Seriously though, you really can’t go around talking about how you’re going to organize vigilante mobs. I don’t know why this guy did that, but you really shouldn’t ever do that. Even if you were going to actually organize a vigilante mob, you wouldn’t say that you were going to do that. I think Cawthorn has been bullied for saying stuff like “America first means standing up for the security of Israel above all” and so on, and he’s trying to take a new stance. I don’t think it’s going to hold up. If he goes around talking about vigilante mobs, he’s gonna get knocked off his feet. If the feds haul him in, he won’t have a leg to stand on.)