Madam President Goes to Singapore and Threatens the Chinese

Having botched the surrender in Afghanistan, the Democrats and ZOG more broadly now have something to prove.


US Vice President Kamala Harris unloaded on China during an official stop in Singapore, accusing Beijing of attempting to grab up territory in the South China Sea and threatening the Washington-led “rules based order.”

After landing in Singapore for a trip through Southeast Asia this week, Harris outlined the Joe Biden administration’s vision for the region in a speech on Tuesday, saying it seeks to advance “peace and stability, freedom on the seas” and “human rights” in the Indo-Pacific.

“Freedom on the Seas.”

Echoing previous comments by Biden, Harris also argued for the need to confront China on a number of issues, saying it “continues to coerce, to intimidate, and to make claims to the vast majority of the South China Sea.”

“These unlawful claims have been rejected by the 2016 arbitral tribunal decision and Beijing’s actions continue to undermine the rules-based order and threaten the sovereignty of nations,” she continued, citing a tribunal court ruling in a case brought against China by the Philippines.

“[The US] stands with our allies and our partners.”

Harris is also set to visit Vietnam later this week, during a trip meant to reiterate Washington’s commitments to regional allies, according to sources close to the VP cited by CNN. The outlet also suggested she would attempt to “embody Biden’s call to pivot US foreign policy focus to counter a rising China.”

Yeah, they literally said they were pulling out of Afghanistan so they could focus on harassing the Chinese.

“Counter a rising China” is the most grotesque think-tank tripe imaginable. Based on how the US has structured its empire, the only way they are capable of “countering” China is with violence or threats of violence. This is because the US gutted their own economy under the assumption that they could control the world through threats and by forcing men and small boys to give each other anal rimjobs.

We’ve reached peak rimjob at this point. There is nowhere in the world where a significant number of people are interested in licking poop out of another man’s anus in public, but are prevented from doing so by a government. Maybe in Russia. Everywhere else has reached as much poop-eating as their nation is comfortable with. The liberation doctrine is officially useless.

Everyone knows that the Taiwanese will melt like the “Afghan government.” That isn’t in question. I don’t give a shit what the US says about polls showing that the Taiwanese “love anal rimjobs.” 99% of the Taiwanese are either against it or don’t care, and the 1% of feminists and faggots aren’t going to try to fight the Chinese military.

What people might not know, but which I know, is that the Vietnamese, Filipinos, and Japanese are also not going to get themselves slaughtered to defend the American obsession with gay rimjobs.

This entire agenda is totally doomed.

I feel a certain excitement, however, that this “pivot” has begun, and that the Queen Bitch is leading it, going around Asia talking about how she’s going to bring down China. It feels like maybe we’re finally about to get this shitshow on the road.

When China takes Taiwan, that will be the signal of the beginning of the freefall collapse of the Evil Empire.

My people will be free.