Madagascar’s President Survives Assassination Attempt

Fun fact: The first people to reach Madagascar didn’t come from Africa, but from Southeast Asia. The blacks couldn’t make canoes any more than they could make a cart. 

This guy is going along with the vaxx agenda, so that’s not related (as it appears it was in several other countries).

But it’s funny how we’re getting more of these assassination attempts all of a sudden.

Must be a coincidence.

Sputnik News:

Madagascar President Andry Rajoelina has survived an assassination attempt, AFP reported citing the country’s prosecution office.

Several “foreigners and residents of Madagascar” have been detained as part of an investigation into the attempted assassination.

According to the news agency’s diplomatic source, two French nationals were among those detained as part of the probe.

RFI radio reported that the detained foreigners were Paul Rafanoharana, a Franco-Malagasy individual, and Philippe Francois, a Frenchman. According to the media outlet’s anonymous source, Rafanoharana was arrested at his home Tuesday evening, while Francois was detained at Ivato Airport as he was about to leave for France.

Who is doing all of these assassinations?

What is actually going on?