Mad Pit Bull Mattis Tells Air Force Graduates They Will See Battle Soon

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
May 24, 2018


This is concerning.

Who are they going to “see battle” against, Pit Bull?




Why are we talking about using an air force when our nation’s ONLY security threats are inside of our border or getting ready to walk across?

Why don’t you go tell the fucking Border Patrol that they’ll see battle soon, Pitt Bull?

The Gazette:

The 984 graduates at the Air Force Academy on Wednesday got an unedited introduction to the difficult world they now face as new officers.

The graduation’s keynote speaker, Defense Secretary Jim Mattis, told the group they will see battle soon. And they will be expected to win every fight.

Well, they’re not actually going to see the battle. They’re going to be flying over it dropping bombs from an altitude much to high to see anything from.

You’re not speaking to the Marines, Pit Bull.

It’s the Air Force.

“Your primary weapons system now is your attitude,” Mattis said.

Technically, their primary weapon is a jet plane. And the bombs that it drops.

That’s no surprise to the Class of 2018, all of whom have spent the majority of their lives in a nation at war. But having war as a daily backdrop isn’t enough to condition troops for how tough those fights can be when you’re in the middle of them, Mattis said.

“Always be ready to fight and win,” Mattis said. “There is no room for complacency.”

This is the the same Mad Pit Bull who shilled for trannies in the military.

So this tough talk rings a tidbit hollow to me.

Not sure what this Mad Dog’s thing is.

Really makes you think…

But again, the topic at hand – who are they going to be “fighting” (dropping bombs on from thousands of feet in the air)? 

If Mattis won’t tell us, is there some kike that maybe knows?

Ah, right.

Here we go.

Gen. David Goldfein jewish military happy merchant

Didn’t even have to go to Israel to find him.

Didn’t even have to leave the article.

The Air Force’s top general, Gen. David Goldfein, told the cadets they’ll have to hit the ground running. America has stepped up air campaigns in Syria and Afghanistan in a bid to bomb Islamic State and Taliban insurgents into remission.

“Many of you will face the ultimate test in war,” Goldfein told the class.


Protecting those vital American interests in Syria and Afghanistan.

Editor's Note: "No Sleep Till Tehran" as a play on the Beastie Boys' "No Sleep Till Brooklyn" is really clever of me. Ultra Turbo Clever. I just came up with it looking at Mad Dog's eye bags. Just like that - boom. Memed it. That's the kinda genius I am. But no one will make my parody songs. Especially not Sven from The Daily Shoah. No matter how clever it is, he's just like "oh yeah, that sounds great man" and then he hangs up the phone and looks at Mike like "this fucking guy thinks he can tell me songs? I've got a song for this faggot - right in his fag face!" I get this one isn't really his style tho. Maybe Morrakiu got my back on this one. But actually, given that the Beastie Boys' are all rabid kikes, they might do the Tehran bombing remix of this without me even suggesting it. If they're still alive. I think they might all me dead, actually. Kanye already agreed to do a remix of "Can't Tell Me Nothing" with the hook "wait till I get my country right, then you can't tell me nothing, kike."