Mad Mexifornia! California Wants to Ban Trump From Ballot in 2020!

Roy Batty
Daily Stormer
May 3, 2019

Talk about kicking your enemy when he is down!

Trump had no chance of winning in California anyway.

I guess they just went and made it official, just to be sure. Or this is an attempt to do a weird flex on Trump because liberals and Jews get irrationally mad at the mere thought/mention of his name.

The Hill:

The California state Senate on Thursday approved a bill to require candidates appearing on the presidential primary ballot — including President Trump — to release five years’ worth of income tax returns.

The measure was approved in a 27-10 vote, according to The Associated Press. California, for the first time, will be one of the first states to hold its presidential primary in the 2020 cycle.

The bill is a response to Trump’s insistence that he will not release his tax returns as presidential candidates traditionally have done, claiming he is under audit. If the bill becomes law and Trump does not release his returns, he may not appear on the California primary ballot.  

Lawfare. Our enemies use it very effectively.

Again though, there is no chance that Trump would ever win California (or Northern Mexico, as I prefer to call it).

The whole state is trying to thumb its collective nose at him.

However, this also sets a dangerous precedent. Tax returns are one thing, but they’ll come up with other reasons for other candidates in the future. Potential candidates might be banned from participating because of Hate or something in the near future.

In theory, red states could respond in kind.

And then you’ve got liberal states that only allow their preferred candidates vs conservative states that only allow theirs. At that point, how is the county not de facto divided?

California is going to start the road war in America, mark my words. 

Here is what regular Californians will look like in 2020:

I’m making a hard prediction here, folks.

You can take this forecast to the bank.

Because the transition from Hipster to Wastelander is not that hard, really. You’ve already got the crazy hair, piercings and general slovenliness. All you need now is some black leather, some metal spikes and a tricked out ride.

Shit is going to be lit.

Aryan road gangs

Fugly hipster chicks that’ll let you touch their butt

Furries with bows


Mad Mexifornia 2020, lads – get hyped.