Macron Wants to Add Global Warming to the French Constitution

Experts predict that by 2050, even the most fashion-conscious men will be forced to wear shorts, because otherwise their asses will just be too sweaty to manage.

This is what you’re going to see in the coming years: coronavirus hysteria is going to pivot into global warming mania.

They’ll still make you wear masks, and tell you to stay in your house, but the main focus, and the main explanation of why you have to be broke, is going to be global warming.

It will be the defining project of our entire civilization, and it will affect every aspect of your life.

The Independent:

French President Emmanuel Macron announced a referendum to add the fight against climate change and the need to preserve the environment into the French Constitution.

Speaking on Monday to a citizen’s group in charge of making proposals on climate-related issues, Macron proposed a change in the constitution that requires a parliamentary vote, and then a referendum.

He acknowledged that France doesn’t do enough to be in line with its climate-related commitments aimed at curbing global warming. France is missing its national targets that had been set under the 2015 Paris Agreement and the country has delayed most of its efforts until after this year.

“Should we do more? Yes,” Macron said in discussions that lasted about four hours with a panel of dozens of French citizens.

European Union leaders, including Macron, agreed on Friday to beef up the continent’s 2030 targets to reduce greenhouse gases from 40% to at least 55% compared with 1990 levels.

“We need to keep moving forward, and that work is even more urgent,” Macron said.

When they talk about “doing something,” what they mean, very explicitly, is “we need to reduce the quality of life of the average person, so that they use fewer resources.”

Because this isn’t about changing the weather, any more than the coronavirus lockdown is about public health: this is about taking resources away from you, forcing you into poverty, so you can be controlled.

We’re now getting to the point where the women and their beta male followers who promoted all of this lunacy are going to finally start feeling it.

They told you in order to be a good person, you have to support the global warming mania. But the global warming mania also said that normal people have to sacrifice their way of life in order to perform a kind of voodoo ritual to stop the weather from changing. Apparently, these supporters didn’t quite understand that “yes – that means you!”

I wish we could have explained to these women that support for the global warming madness would mean that they would end up unable to go on vacation and dance around in a bikini with all their fat hanging out, with drunk men ogling them. If it could have been explicated like that, maybe they wouldn’t have pushed it this far.

Ah, but if we could only explain things to women, we would’t have any of these problems, would we?

The most fundamental premise of the Jewish agenda is: “even if they figure it out, they won’t be able to explain it to women, so it will be fine, lol.”