Macron Speaks Out! ‘Yellow Vests Are Very Bad Goys!’

Roy Batty
Daily Stormer
January 3, 2019

I’m no political speech-writing expert here… but imho this was an absolutely terrible speech.


“French President Emmanuel Macron used his traditional New Year’s Eve speech to sound a warning to extreme elements among anti-government protesters.

He promised to keep order “without complacency” and decried self-appointed “spokespeople for a hateful mob”.

In fact they are only the spokespeople of a hate-filled mob and they target elected politicians, the security forces, journalists, Jews, foreigners and homosexuals,” President Macron said. “It is quite simply the negation of France.”


So France, according to Macron, is a nation of Jews, foreigners and homosexuals protected by journalists and security forces who the elected politicians (like himself) serve.

And yes, he really did decide to get up in front of a camera and tell the whole French nation that. 

Cool. So glad we got that cleared up.

Now, the French Deplorables/Miserables need to weigh in with their opinions.

Clearly, they are not a part of France. And they are a negation of what Macron wants France to be.

I thought that hand-picked technocrats like Macron were a smarter breed. I mean, let’s be honest here… the Jews in charge of selecting Macron royally fucked up, didn’t they? They got a low-IQ sociopath instead of the high-IQ psychopath that they wanted.

To be fair, I was fooled too. Nibba bamboozled us all with his huge forehead. 

A better line would have been: “Being French is adhering to a higher call. A call that all citizens can aspire to. A call to reach for greater levels of civic virtue and responsibility. All who can live up to our high standards can partake in our great civic life, regardless of who they love, who they worship or the color of their skin. Those who riot in the streets fall far short of how true French people have always behaved. They make a mockery of every essential French value. I am ashamed of these people… and they should be ashamed too!”

I’m fluent in BugSpeak, as you can tell. 

And I’ll be expecting a check, Macron. These consultations aren’t pro bono, you know. And those Jew speech-writers aren’t half as clever as they think they are if they’ve put you out there on the airwaves with that drivel. Me, I don’t mind helping you out, but it’s not going to come cheap – what with you set to become a pariah in France and forced to flee the country soon.

At this point, your advisors are going to start jumping ship and you won’t be able to afford being choosy.

Luckily for you, no one even needs to know that a hate-filled Neon-Nazi is writing your speeches and doing strategy for you. I can do do it anonymously and remotely… once that check clears, that is.

And it’s not like I like you or agree with what you’re doing to the country – it’s just my professionalism that’s compelling me to intervene. I can’t bear to see such sloppy work. Propaganda ought to be done right. But the kikes have too much chutzpah to do it right anymore. Too many people are starting to see through their lies.

Which is kind of why you’re in the predicament you’re in right now, come to think of it.

Anyways, hit me up in the BBS and we can talk turkey.

Otherwise, you might end up in a basket or on a chartered flight into exile on a remote island in the middle of nowhere.

Think it over.