Macron Remains in Hiding, Says He Might Come Out “In a Few Days”

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
December 9, 2018

Imagine you’re the President of a country and the people are rioting against you and you respond by disappearing for days.

I just can’t even.

This is like some old fashioned lord in a peasant revolt. I guess it isn’t like that – that’s exactly what it is.

And surely, some very high level marketing strategists made this call. Macron was a manufactured candidate, and everything he does as President is a manufactured act for public consumption. Someone has to have run the numbers and figured out that this guy being on TV and saying anything would just make everyone angrier, so he just dipped out.

Just contrast this to President Trump for a minute. Even sometimes I’m sitting here like “man, chill for a second, consult some advisors about this particular issue,” but he just goes out there full-force on Twitter, or underneath a helicopter on the White House lawn.

These are literal diametric opposites – the elitist who moves from his high tower to his invisible underground bunker versus the populist who wants nonstop direct interaction with the people.


Workers in Paris swept up broken glass and towed away burnt-out cars on Sunday after the latest violent “yellow vest” protest while the government announced that President Emmanuel Macron would address the nation in the next few days.

On Saturday, anti-government protesters wrecked havoc in the city for the fourth weekend in a row, hurling missiles, torching cars and vandalizing shops and restaurants.

“You won’t make it past Christmas, Emmanuel,” read the graffiti on a boarded-up shop near the Champs Elysees boulevard.

Macron, elected in May 2017, is facing mounting criticism for not speaking in public in more than a week as violence worsened.

The upheaval in the Christmas shopping season has dealt a heavy blow to retailing, the tourist industry and the manufacturing sector as road blocks disrupt supply chains.

On Saturday, the Eiffel Tower and other monuments and museums closed their doors for security reasons, as did top department stores on what should have been a peak shopping day.

The protest movement will have “a severe impact” on the French economy, Finance Minister Bruno Le Maire told Reuters on Sunday as he toured an upmarket central Paris neighborhood that had seen heavy looting Saturday night.

“We must expect a new slowdown of economic growth at year-end due to the “yellow vest” protests,” Le Maire said, adding that he would provide more details in coming days.


This was supposed to be the bankers’ man in there to get that money sucked out of the peasants by feeding them absurd nonsense about the weather changing because they drive a car. Now he’s shutting down the system!

If for no other reason, they’re going to oust him for economic reasons. His masters are just going to pull the plug.

Prior to the protests, economists had been expecting growth to pick up after a weak first half of the year as tax cuts aimed at boosting purchasing power took effect.

“I don’t know if Macron’s resignation is necessary, but he must completely change course and increase wages and lower taxes,” said Bertrand Cruzatier as he watched cleaners scrub out anti-Macron graffiti at Place de la Republique.

In the center of the square, a banner hanging from the bronze statue of Marianne, symbol of the French republic, read: “Give back the money”.

Your money is going to make the weather colder, goy.

We already put your money into the cold-weather making machine, it cannot come back out of that machine.

Macron’s last major address to the nation was on Nov 27, when he said he would not be bounced into changing policy by “thugs”.

Yeah, that was just incredible. And that I believe was not given to him by some marketing geniuses – that was just his own vile homosexual arrogance and disdain for normal people coming through, and it’s really what ensured his end.

Calling a movement supported by 75% of the population – while he has an approval rating of 18% – “thugs.”

These were people angry that he took their money and promised to use it to change the weather, like some dirty gypsy grifter telling you he can lift a magical curse.

The fact that he broke on that promise to never do what the people want him to do is another reason he is now politically nonviable.

The President of the Republic will … make important announcements,” government spokesman Benjamin Griveaux said on LCI television on Sunday. He gave no other details about the timing, content or format of the speech.

“However, not all the problems of the ‘yellow vest’ protesters will be solved by waving a magic wand,” he said.

Yellow vest protesters demand lower taxes, higher minimum wages and better pension benefits. But, mindful of France’s deficit and not wanting to flout EU rules, Macron has scant wriggle room for more concessions.

Which is why you’re going to get a populist revolution, sooner or later. Allowing unelected bureaucrats in Brussels, who answer to absolutely no one at all, to determine the course of your economy is simply insane. It’s a system that can only work when things are going really, really well.

This guy saying “oh I don’t know when I’ll appear in public again” is fascinating. He’s clearly not ready to just resign. Instead, he’s throwing out the whole “I’ll never do the will of the people” and in a last ditch effort to try and stay in power is going to figure out the maximum amount of concessions he can give.

But he’s just so disgusting, and people are so angry, that no one is going to say okay to anything.

Honestly, I wouldn’t be surprised if they pull out Marine Le Pen and put her in. She’s already sold out, got that Jew boyfriend, denounced her own father for smashing kikes. They can put her in and then call her a Nazi nonstop every day around the clock and work up a rage among NPCs to replace her with another Macron who is less repulsive.

Seriously – what are the chances that if this guy had a young, sexy wife that these riots would never even have happened?

He could be just as arrogant and just as much of an elitist prick, and if he had some model girlfriend people would probably just be like “yeah, he’s in the game, doing what he gotta do.”

That old woman wife thing is just fundamentally repugnant and despicable.

The other thing is his face.

That absolutely is the kind of face you could see in a bar and just walk up and punch, at random, just for looking like that. An absolute fiend. He looks like he’s about to kidnap a child.

And then there’s this:

All of this is to say that a huge part of the inability of Macron to shove through this globalist agenda is that he is so terribly vile as an individual human being.

The thing is, I think they’re having a hard time finding agents of their agenda who are not sick perverts. No one capable wants these jobs. Why would you want to be president of France and push through an agenda that is already totally laid out for you – be a literal globalist shill – unless you were a total narcissist?

If you were all about money, you’d just work in finance.