Macron is Guilty of Crimes Against Humanity for Gassing His Own People

Lee Rogers
Daily Stormer
December 7, 2018

France’s President Emmanuel Macron is gassing his own people in the streets to maintain political power. These are crimes against humanity and he must be held to account!

A short while ago, Jews and their Marxist political allies were telling us that the President of the United States was evil because tear gas was used against illegal aliens attempting to invade America. They even selectively used a couple of pictures showing children in diapers to emotionally manipulate people.

Remember these tweets?

While this is not a position any reasonable person would agree with, it is still a position. They believe that it is evil to use tear gas on people even when they try to invade your country.

But if that’s their position, why do we hear nothing from them about what’s happening in France?

For the past several weeks, the French government has used many thousands of tear gas canisters against their own people. This has been part of an effort to protect France’s President Emmanuel Macron, who is increasingly viewed by the French people as a Jewish puppet working against their interests. He is highly unpopular and has an 18 percent approval rating.

Macron is gassing his own people in a desperate attempt to maintain political power. And if using tear gas on invaders is evil as has been suggested, then surely one could argue that it is far more evil to gas your own people.

The Jewish media has previously demanded that Syria be invaded over claims that Bashar Al-Assad gassed his own people. The only evidence presented to suggest that he did this was video footage showing children getting sprayed with water hoses. This was not proof of anything.

Unlike with Assad, we have ample visual evidence proving that Macron is indeed gassing his own people. So the fact that these people are not criticizing Macron reveals an obvious hypocritical double standard.

Since that is the standard they’ve established, they should have no problem with us saying that Macron is guilty of crimes against humanity for gassing his own people. We are entitled to state this because we disagree with his Jew-inspired political philosophies. At the same time, we can also state that Donald Trump is perfectly entitled to use tear gas on illegal alien invaders and any of his political enemies.