Macron Gets His Instructions

Diversity Macht Frei
November 21, 2017

European Jewish leaders have told French President Emmanuel Macron that there must be “no interaction with the far-right”.

In a meeting at the Élysée Palace, French and European Jewish representatives told the young French president that a “line must be drawn,” warning that far-right groups seeking common ground with Jews over Israel is nothing but a “fig leaf”.

Moshe Kantor (left) , Francis Kalifat (right) and their puppet president Micron.

The comments follow a delegation that included the European Jewish Congress president Moshe Kantor and the new president of the French Jewish umbrella group CRIF, Francis Kalifat.

“We must draw strong and unequivocal red lines against all interaction with far-right European political parties,” said Kantor.

“Some like to use the Jewish community as a fig leaf for their racist and xenophobic agendas or to make common ground over views on Israel. We emphatically reject these overtures and stand in solidarity with targets of their intolerance and racism.”

He added: “Yesterday, Jews were the targets. Today it may be some other group. But we are under no illusions whatsoever that antisemitism remains a significant part of their worldview regardless of political tactics or electoral expediency.”


Judaism and Islam are as similar as Protestantism and Catholicism. They are two branches off the same tree. As ever, the Jew is ally of the Muslim. The fact that the leader of the “French” Jewish organisation CRIF has the surname Kalifat speaks volumes in itself.

On a related theme, an Israeli Jew has recently (link) been travelling around Muslim sites in the Middle East, including mosques from which non-Muslims are formally excluded, such as the mosque of the prophet in Medina. Strangely, however, he was allowed in.