Macron Gasses His Own People, France Still a Shitshow For 21st Weekend in a Row

Roy Batty
Daily Stormer
April 8, 2019

The news coming out of France sounds like something coming out of Iraq.

Here’s a random blast going off in Paris, in a vibrant part of town.

There have been a lot of blasts, and truck accidents and random shit just going up in flames all over France the last couple of years.

Part and parcel.

So are people protesting in the streets and getting brutally suppressed by the police.

Daily Express:

French men and women carried flags and signs calling for President Emmanuel Macron to hold referendums for citizens to have a say in big policy decisons. By this afternoon, there were 21 arrests in Paris as well as clashes with police in Rouen. Hundreds of people gathered around an area barricaded by the police shouting, “Macron, get lost for good!”

Protesters totalled 23,000 across the country, according to the Interior Ministry, the movement’s lowest turnout since protests began last year.

Riot police were also targeted with tear gas by protesters as they tried to keep the peace.

Protesters marched along tram lines in Bordeaux carrying banners emblazoned with ‘GJ’ and ‘Fraternite’, standing for the gillet jaunes family.

There was also a weekend fair of sorts.

The police ended up pushing the Yellow Vests back onto the fairgrounds, and then proceeding to gas everyone, kiddies included.

Macron, the monster that he is, gassed his own people like some kind of rabid animal.

There’s even footage of gassed kids coughing.

The executive summary:

The Yellow Vests are still doing their weekend warrior thing, with no end in sight.

This will be the most Boomer-tier revolution in history if they manage to overthrow a president without using up any sick days, but hey, the greater the challenge, the greater the honor, right?

A chick cop out there gassing/knocking out eyeballs.