Macron Defends Cartoons of Islamic Prophet Muhammad

As I said yesterday, I don’t care if people want to make fun of Moslems, and in fact they should make fun of Moslems, but the idea that doing it is some big crusade that you’re willing to give your life for doesn’t make any sense in the context of modern France.

It is kind of a fake edginess. It’s potentially offensive to people other than Moslems, but it isn’t really radical, in the sense that you are taking on some powerful body. Moslems are powerful in our society, but that power comes from being a victim class of brown people. Muhammad cartoons or burning Korans is basically just agitating savages.

Probably why it doesn’t sit right with me is this: if you’re talking about how you don’t like their religion instead of how you don’t like them period, you’re basically already taking it for granted that they have a right to be in your country. I think that primarily, Moslems should be criticized for being in our countries in the first place. Obviously, you can use their religion to point out that they are incompatible with our society, but that’s not really what you’re doing when you just do things to agitate them.

If they’re in their own country, who cares what religion they are? By showing that you care about what they think and believe, you’re tacitly approving of their presence in the first place, and just telling them to be more social.

What people who publish Muhammad cartoons are ostensibly trying to do is fulfill the 1960s vision of France as a mixed-race enlightened nation of atheists. Basically, France pioneered the concept of race mixing, with French homosexuals and edgy heterosexuals going and having sex with Moslem boys and women. They romanticized the Arabs in a totally childish and tedious way, but it was apparently considered sexy in the sixties.

Then of course they brought in a population of Islamic men to have sex with their women. They started this basically immediately after World War II, when most of Europe still would have been scandalized by it. (The French were really the pioneers of the modern neoliberal ideal – probably due to all of their many Jews as well as their pathetic “romantic” simp culture.)

When Germany, Britain and America caught up with France on the “import brown people” train, they came at it from this “multicultural” standpoint. They basically just wanted chaos, whereas the French plan to destroy both Christianity and Islam and make an atheist sex paradise at least made theoretical sense.

The view of destroying both French and Islamic culture to create a new enlightened society is still popular enough in the country that the President still supports mocking Moslems.


On Tuesday, French President Emmanuel Macron said it was not his place to pass judgment on the decision by Charlie Hebdo to publish a cartoon of the Prophet Muhammad.

Macron, speaking during a visit to Lebanon, said it was important for French citizens to be respectful to each other, and avoid a “dialogue of hate” but he would not criticize the satirical magazine’s decision to republish the cartoon. His comments were reported on French broadcaster BFM TV.

Macron’s remarks came as Charlie Hebdo, the target of a massacre by gunment in 2015, announced on Tuesday that it would republish the cartoons of the Prophet Muhammad to mark this week’s start of the trial of accused accomplices in the attack.

“Beyond the trial that will begin tomorrow, and I don’t have to express myself on this point as president, we will have a thought for all those who fell,” Macron said.

Freedom of speech

Macron extolled the virtues of democracy and freedom of speech as he said: “It’s never the place of a president of the Republic to pass judgment on the editorial choice of a journalist or newsroom, never. Because we have freedom of the press.”

“There is in France a freedom to blaspheme which is attached to the freedom of conscience. I am here to protect all these freedoms. In France, one can criticize a president, governors, blaspheme,” he said.

It’s hard to believe anyone can read those statements without laughing out loud.

France actively persecutes people for denying the Holocaust. They literally put them in jail.

Among many, many others, the prominent mulatto comedian Dieudonné M’bala M’bala, has been sentenced to jail and repeatedly fined for “Holocaust denial.”

What is “Holocaust denial” if not blasphemy against the Jewish religion?

It’s just so very obvious that the French have a legal system which enshrines protection of the Jewish ruling class. You can criticize normal people (white Christians), you can even criticize the mostly-protected criminal underclass (Moslems), but you cannot criticize the elite (Jews).

And we need to always remember that this is what Jews are: they are the ruling elite.

I do not like Moslems and will never defend them. My belief is that they need to be pushed back to Arabia, and that Constantinople and Jerusalem are European cities that belong to Christendom. However, they only have power over us so long as Jews allow them to have power over us. You are not striking at the root when you criticize Moslems.

Remember that during the Bolshevik revolution they burned both churches and mosques, while the synagogues remained untouched.