Macron Declares He has an Absolute Right to Decide the Leader of Belarus

What gives these EU people the right to decide how the world is run?

Is not a normal person offended by the idea of the leader of France attempting to appoint the leader of Belarus?

This is vile.


Belarusian President Alexander Lukashenko must accept the logic of democracy and quit power, French President Emmanuel Macron told le Journal du Dimanche.

Belarus, a former Soviet republic closely allied with Russia, has been rocked by street protests since authorities said Lukashenko won an Aug. 9 election by a landslide.

More than 12,000 protesters have been arrested since the election that the opposition denounced as rigged.

“We are witnessing a power crisis in Belarus with an authoritarian administration that is not able to accept democracy logic,” Macron said. “…It is clear that Lukashenko must go.”

Belarusian Foreign Minister Vladimir Makei accused Western countries on Saturday of attempting to sow “chaos and anarchy” in the former Soviet republic.

That’s not an accusation, it’s simply a statement of fact.

What the hell does Reuters think Europe is doing? Would they like to add some commentary on that?

These people are attempting to overthrow the elected government of a country. They are constantly preaching all of this voting bullshit, but when people vote against what they want, they just decide to overrule it.

The Russian military needs to move into Belarus. Sadly for Lukashenko, this Russian territory needs to come home to Mama Russia. There is no other option here. Lukashenko can remain governor or whatever.

Russia cannot allow another piece of itself to be broken off. If Vladimir Putin fails this test, the people in Russia proper are going to begin losing faith.

The EU is already going to cancel Nord Stream. They decided that when they set up this poisoning hoax. Russia has nothing to lose here – except Belarus, and its dignity.