Macron Besieged! Presidential Castle Attacked by French Peasant Uprising!

Roy Batty
Daily Stormer
December 29, 2018

History repeats itself.

The lords of the realm have gotten too arrogant and too kiked for the peasants to tolerate any longer.


French president Emmanuel Macron just can’t get away from Yellow Vest protesters. The anti-government demonstrators have even turned up outside his presidential hideaway on the Mediterranean coast.

The police had to repel around 40 Yellow Vests as they attempted to storm the medieval fort of Bregancon that has served as a summer retreat for French presidents since 1968, AFP is reporting.

The mayor of nearby Bormes-les-Mimosas, Francois Arizzi, told the French news agency that the protesters attempted the daring raid on Thursday and indicated that they will repeat it on Friday. 

Methinketh this brave captain of the people be serious… eth.

His army even brought ladders to siege the walls.

But he needs to bring siege towers and rams next time though if he wants to breach the walls. 

I would know. My vidya has schooled me in the arts of medieval siege-making.

“It’s madness. For people who want more democracy, they should start by respecting other people’s property,” Arizzi said, adding that many of the protesters crossed private land during their bid to infiltrate the fort.

Since when is Democracy incompatible with storming medieval redoubts of unpopular aristocrats?

This is literally the will of the people – ripping the rich out of their decadent nests and casting them out into the cold world that the poor know.

It’s the purest form of Democracy, in fact. Using sheer numbers to band together and overrun the oligarchs. Like ants attacking a beetle.

And yeah, yeah, I’ve read the cliff notes on Plato, so I know that Democracy is lower than Republicanism, which is, in turn, lower than Aristocracy. And Democracy leads to Tyranny, eventually – that’s how the classic theory goes.


Democracy also releases a lot of energy. And it doesn’t come around just because. Usually, it comes around because the ruling class has become too ossified and stagnant. The noblesse oblige has faded and the people no longer trust their elites. The trust between classes erodes and the people decide to start mobbing instead.

We had a mass mobbing in Europe a century and some ago.

It led to a time of Nationalism (which is very democratic in nature) and extreme productive energy was released because of it. It was like an atom got split. The flowering of European national consciousness shook the entire world.

But, to continue the metaphor, it was as if the old reactor couldn’t contain the reaction. Systems went critical and we went into meltdown mode. All that energy backfired and was eventually wasted.

And for the next half-century, everything began to slide into stagnation, I suppose.

The similarities don’t just end with Frankish peasants storming keeps though. 

You’ve got the looming collapse of Pax Americana, the threat of Islam, great migrations of people in Europe and the return of Tribalism.

That’s enough of a similarity for me, idk about you.

The clock resets. The cycle begins anew. Bring it on, I say.

Where do you see yourself in 5 years? ^Me

I’m looking forward to 2019!