Macron Admits Trump Handshake was Meant to Threaten Him

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
May 28, 2017

This Macron is a weird sonovabitch, and people should have figured that out when he was a Rothschild banker with no children married to an old woman and claiming to be an outsider while agreeing with the hated Hollande on every issue.

Now, the strangeling has come out and admitted that his weird handshake with Trump was intended to threaten him.

The Hill:

French President Emmanuel Macron acknowledged to a French newspaper that his intense handshake with President Trump ahead of the NATO summit in Brussels “wasn’t innocent,” but instead was meant as a show of resolve, The Associated Press reported Sunday.

“One must show that you won’t make small concessions, even symbolic ones, but also not over-publicize things, either,” he told Le Journal du Dimanche, according to the AP.

The handshake between Macron and Trump on Thursday drew attention for its visible intensity, with both pairs of knuckles turning white from pressure.

I consider this weird handshake an act of war.

Macron then on Friday tried to ignore Trump, and when Trump got a hold of him, he made him look like a little bitch, grabbing his hand and pulling his flaccid French body all the way towards him, to the point the bitch Macron was forced to use his left hand to try to back Beast Trump away.

That really did make the pussy pervert look like a wimpy little wuss, but that is not enough of a revenge.

The entire nation of France needs to be punished.

Trump needs to immediately put sanctions on France, and consider invading the country – or at least bomb their airfields.

This handshake is a whole hella worse than that YouTube video of Syrian toddlers getting sprayed with a water-hose.

We also need to declare war on Germany, and I guess we might as well do the same for all Scandinavian countries.

We need to remake Top Gun and have Chris Pratt play Maverick and Jason Statham play Iceman, with Mel Gibson directing, and it needs to be about fighting a war against Europe and production needs to be rushed by executive order by Donald Trump so it is out by July.

Britain will side with us – all Trump has to do is call up Theresa and be like “listen, bitch – this is the way it’s going to be” and she will cower in fear and send the RAF to start bombing Berlin and Paris.

If Trump declares war on Europe, that will give him ample excuse to dissolve the Russia investigation and ally with the Russians.

This might well be a better plan than the martial law plan.

This Macron handshake and the recent disrespectful comments by the hag Merkel give him more than enough of an excuse to declare war.

Also, during this scenario, Russia can retake the Baltics and Poland. Every time I see a ZOG parade in Estonia with the people out there cheering and clapping, the desire to see a Russian invasion and total domination of that country – including ten year prison sentences for speaking Estonian in public – grows in me.

American troops parading through Estonia as the people come out to cheer them. Later, Estonians lined up to do masturbation gestures on the gun barrels of the American tanks.

These Estonians trying to get us to fight a World War for them – I just can’t hardly take it anymore.

Stalin should have outlawed the Estonian language and he should have made marriage between two ethnic Estonians illegal. Hell, Catherine the Great should have done that.

Catherine why didn’t you deal with this?

These people are so stupid – they think a World War between the West and Russia is going to be good for them? If they do get their war, they are going to be the first to get rolled on, and they are going to get rolled on hard. Estonia is the country with the most reason to not want a war with Russia, yet their childlike fears of the ghost of Stalin overpower basic common sense and they’re like, “sure, NATO, come to our country and use us to try and provoke a World War with Russia – we really think this is a good idea.”

I keep telling you people to read more Wikipedia about all sorts of things – you can do it during breaks at the gym, or with a text to speech program – read the Wikipedia page about the history of Estonia. This has always been an annoying group of people, looking for whoever to take care of them, then whining when someone comes and does it. They are the Elon Musk of countries.

(Full disclosure: Yes, I did one time have an Estonian gf, and no, it didn’t end very well – but that is neither here nor there.)

This Macron handshake gives us all the reason we need to get everything done and get it done quickly.

If we invade and destroy Germany, France and many other European countries, install collaborationist-nationalist regimes, then the future is going to be looking BRIGHT.