Macklemore Enters Race “Debate,” Mentions White Privilege

Daily Stormer
December 31, 2014

"If you can't gas em, join em." -Macklemore on how he became involved in the music industry
“If you can’t gas em, join em.” -Macklemore on how he became involved in the music industry

Macklemore, who we sort of thought was maybe a little bit cool after he dress-up with a hook-nose to troll the Jews singing a song about being cheap, and also for modelling his face off that of the top Nazi newspaperman Andrew Anglin, has come out and made some stupid comments about the whole Black whining, rioting and cop-killing situation.

The Guardian:

“For me, as a white dude – as a white rapper – I’m like: ‘How do I participate in this conversation? How do I get involved to a level where I’m not co-opting the movement, or I’m not making it about me, but also realizing the platform and reach that I have, and doing it in an authentic way?’

“I was talking to somebody the other day. They said to me: ‘Silence is an action.’ It’s my privilege that I can be silent about this issue. I’m tired of being silent about it. I’ve been silent for a long time about it. I didn’t want to mess up. I didn’t want to offend anybody. It is so imperative that we have this race conversation in America if we’re going to progress,” he said.

Macklemore also suggested he can get away with things that black rappers couldn’t because of his race.

“Why can I cuss and have a parental advisory sticker on my album, and still parents are like: ‘You’re the only rapper I let my kids listen to’?,” he asked.

“Why can I wear a hoodie, and not be a thug? Why can I sag my pants, and not be a gangbanger? Why am I on Ellen’s couch? Why am I on Good Morning America? If I was black, what would my drug addiction look like?”

The rapper, who sent a text reading: “It’s weird and sucks that I robbed you” to fellow rapper Kendrick Lamar after he won best hip-hop album at the Grammys, spoke about the importance of continuing to speak about race in America.

“If we’re truly going to progress, we have to get past that ‘awkward stage’ of the race conversation, step up, and just have it”, Macklemore said. “And as a white person, we have to listen.

“Racism is uncomfortable to talk about. White people, we can just turn off the TV when we’re sick of talking about race.”

Here’s the video which is somehow an hour long. I dunno, I didn’t watch it.

Note that it is possible he is trolling the Blacks like he trolled those Jews with the Jew costume. I dunno though, he seems to seriously support faggot marriage. It’s just that his entire career, including all of his songs, seem like a gigantic troll campaign.